22 Best Ideas for Valentine Day Cake

Love is the most fantastic feeling, when you are infatuated or falling for someone special. It is evident that you need to accomplish something extraordinary for his or her. So, you can genuinely spoil your sweetheart with a special gift. At Cake Plaza, we ensure the gift comes with a personal feeling. We are the most popular online cake shop that offers you the flexibility to personalize your Valentine Cakes online. You can also add a special note about the desperation of love and care you have for your special one. This is perhaps the most Heart touching gestures that you can make to express your adoration. You can customize a cake by writing your loved one’s name on top of it. Plus, adding a unique and sentimental photograph of your choice will look perfect on a heart shape cake. The best place of ordering a cake is through Cake Plaza. You can easily do it from your comfort zone anywhere in the world. All the Heart-Shaped Cakes, whether a Photo Cake or Chocolate cake, you can make any ordinary day to special like Valentine’s Day. Our service is easily accessible and with our online cake shop you can truly get reasonable price. Our cakes are made for everybody. So, try and buy your first, second or 50th Valentine’s Day cake at reasonable price. We will make your loved ones happy on Valentine’s day.

Heart shaped valentine day cake

1. Hollow Heart Shape Cake



Purchase the Most Delicious Heart Shaped Cakes from Cake Plaza. The heart-shaped cakes offered in this online cake store are the ideal examples of the perfect mix of imagination and lavishness.

2. Red Heart Shape Cake


A single piece of this heart-shaped paradise is going to bind you with its wonderful taste. This could be an ideal treat for any gorgeous occasion like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and so forth. This cake would surely add lasting memories to your event.

Red velvet cake for Valentine day Celebration

If you want the best Red Velvet cake online, Cake Plaza is just the ideal spot for you! From offering quality Red Velvet cakes set up with new premium quality eggless ingredients to being evaluated as low price. Our bakers pour all their affection while baking an ideal pound of happy ones. So, what are you waiting for? Send our Cake Plaza's Red Velvet cake and other Heart-shaped cakes to profoundly enchant your number one person.

3. Heart Shape Red Velvet Cake with Strawberry


A Heart-shaped red velvet cake fills anybody's Heart with much excitement and happiness. It shows the sender went an additional mile in love to treat the receiver their liking and care which shows how precious they are for them. It truly makes one feels very special on Valentine’s Day then a heart-shaped cake is the best gift for them.

4. Round Shape Red Velvet Cake


The Heart expresses unconditional love, and red tone is the express all of that unlimited love. Get this eye-pleasing cake for your sweetheart or soul mate for Valentine blessing. The mesmeric excellence and its luscious taste will drive her mind to go insane. Get the best Heart shape cake valentines cake ideas for your loved girlfriend. However, it is the embodiment of genuine romance and cares that each person has in his/her Heart for their accomplice.

5. Red velvet Cake Heart Shape Cake



Red velvet heart shape cake is the most requested cake during the Valentine Week. Most of our customers order this delicious valentine cake for him to enchant their special one on adoration day. The cake itself conveys the message of genuine affection by its brilliant tone.

Chocolate cake for Valentine Day

Valentine's Day is the ideal opportunity to pass on your feelings for that particular person in your life. Chocolate cakes and valentine cake for husband are the unique best way to express your feelings of adoration in the sweetest. Chocolate cakes for Valentine's day-love are healthier with cake, especially when it's chocolate.

To know about Chocolate cake Health Benefits click here

6. Round shape Chocolate Cake


Chocolate cakes delivery for Valentine’s Day is perfect as valentine cake for chocolate lover. Make your affectionate interests rememberable with valentine cake with photo. We indulge in chocolate cakes delivery for valentine's Day, and on this dazzling Day, we assist you with submitting the ideal gifts with love for your beloved ones. We also have a free shipping service for all products conveyed. Thanks to our easy gourmet same day delivery service, it's helpful and easy to shop and valentines cake to buy for Valentine's Day for loved ones.

7. Delicious Chocolate Cake


Our network ensures fast and reliable Chocolate Cakes delivery across any cities in India. Get valentines cake m and s from the comfort of your home and office with a few clicks right at the recipient’s doorstep.

8. Chocolate Cake with Gems


Order valentine cake for him without the conventional box of chocolates and step into our online cake shop boutique. Here we offer everything from luscious valentine cake for wife and cookies to trays of dissolve in your mouth making it irresistible as chocolate cakes. Thanks to our easy gourmet cake delivery service, it's helpful as valentine cake for family to shop for Valentine's Day or order chocolate cakes for him. Look no further for chocolates. Get assorted valentine cake and flowers, vanilla valentine cake, and chocolate cake deliveries.

9. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Layer On Top


If your loved ones are purely vegetarian then, Cakes Plaza will serve you delicious online Eggless Chocolate Cakes of Vegetarians anywhere in India. Ordering an eggless Coffee Cakes online from the store of Cakes Plaza could be a smart decision.

10. Soft Chocolate Cake


Coffee Cakes works magically to boost your taste and spread happiness. Cakes Plaza gives you a wide range of Coffee Flavored Coffee Cakes with different shape, size, and designs of chocolate Coffee Cakes, Heart Shaped chocolate Cakes, and get valentine cake writing on the same Coffee Cake

Strawberry cake for Valentine Day

11. Strawberry Cake Round Shape


Make your Valentine's Day more special just by sending your loved ones or your spouse delicious strawberry cake in heart shape. Express your love to them. In the wake of seeing all the luscious desserts, our friends are making for this special Day. We figured we would prepare something special as well.

12. Strawberry on top of Cake


This strawberry cake is semi-hand crafted, meaning that it does require an essential white birthday cake blend, yet you could easily adjust this formula on the off chance that you would not like to use the valentine cake with name. It would also make awesome valentine cake for boyfriend on the off chance you needed instead of a layer cake!

13. Pink color Strawberry Cake


If your loved ones are purely vegetarian then, Cake Plaza will serve you delicious eggless valentine cake for two anywhere in India. Ordering an eggless strawberry cake online from the store of Cake Plaza could be a smart decision. When it comes to baking the most luscious cakes, Cake Plaza always takes the pleasure as they know how to make the best fusion of strawberry with other flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and many more delicious flavours without egg.

14. Flower shape Strawberry Cake


Fruits are loved by every one of all age group people and healthy for our body. Send Cake to friends or relatives from anywhere in the world. Fruit Cake of Cake Plaza is always in high demand all over India. The fusion of valentine cake designs with fruit cake with different flavors like strawberry, vanilla, pineapple with nuts makes it extraordinary delicious in taste and liked by everyone.

Valentine Day cake for Husband

15. Valentine Cake with rose on top


Cake Plaza has always been considered as the well-known heart shape cake with the best delivery service all over India with the same day delivery. We ensure you on our service, especially the valentine day cake with name and photo or get the heart-shaped photo cake made for lovers to express their love. Make their bond stronger than before with valentine day special cake. This unique component allows you to send Valentine photo cake at the doorstep of your darling at the midnight hour.

16. Slim Red colour Valentine Cake


Valentine's Day is the ideal opportunity to pass on your feelings for that particular person in your life. Chocolate cakes are unique valentine day special cake yet best way to express your feelings of adoration in the sweetest way.

17. Slim Valentine Cake Strawberry on Top


Cake Plaza is one of the best online cake shops in India because of its high-quality Strawberry Fondant Cakes and incredible services. Cake Plaza gives you cakes in many shapes and sizes, which will make complete any of your occasion and celebration with joy.

18. Heart shape Valentine Day Cake with roses on top


Those old days are gone when you need to find the valentine day cake from our online cake shop to seek the most delicious cake for celebrating Valentine's cake. Presently with the headway of online innovation, you can easily arrange the personalized photo cake online for the loved ones of your life. You do the whole thing from the comfort of your home and send happy valentine day cake.

19. Slim Big Valentine cake


Presently you may be wondering to find the best online heart shaped strawberry cake store as the Internet is now over-overflowed with thousands of cake stores. If you are looking for the most well known and trustworthy online cake shop, Cake Plaza is the ideal following stage solution for you.

Photo Cake for Valentine Day

Valentine's Day, named after the extremely famous Christian saint named Valentine, is commended across the globe on Feb 14. This is the ideal Day to compliment the most excellent feeling called adoration, and nothing can be as endearing as this specific valentine special cake.

It's a perfect opportunity to appreciate your affection by sending online red velvet cake in heart shape and gifts offered by Cake Plaza. In case, you are staying far away from your darling, you should go for online delivery of Valentine photo cakes from Cake Plaza, the best online cake shop.

20. Lovers theme Photo Cake


Cake Plaza has various types of Valentines cake ideas accessible for you. However, if you are looking forward to purchasing the best photo cake for your significant other, you should buy upbeat Valentine’s Day cake with name and photo.

Our valentine cake designs are accessible in all the essential flavours, including Vanilla, Chocolate, Truffle, and Strawberry. The best valentine heart shaped photo chocolate cake that comes with the bunch of flowers is light and genuinely affectionate. On the most heart-warming night before Valentine's Day, savour each nibble of delicious and best valentine photo cake with your loved one.

21. Valentine Day Couple Photo Cake


Valentine cake with photo is one of the best gifts for your loved ones. Especially when you spouse love drinks like Corona Extra, Beer, or any other Whiskey brand. Bottle cake gives wide cunning smile on the faces. Order online bottle cake from Cake plaza and get a 100% hassle free delivery at your doorstep. Order Valentine cake for husband or boyfriend and surprise, then with their favourite brand of bottle and make your valentine day more memorable.

22. Corona theme Bottle Photo Cake


This came is designed on Covid 19 theme which is in bottle shape it also can be used on valentine day for celebration.

Flavour MRP Offer Price
Heart-Shaped Choco-Truffle Cake 999 799
Royal Cherry Cake 949 749
Heart-Shaped Black Forest Vanilla Cake 899 799
Blueberry Cake 749 649
Ferrero Rocher Cake 1299 949
Red Velvet Choco Coffee Cake 999 799
German Black Forest Cake 1049 849
Heart Shaped Fondant Vanilla Cake 1599 999
White Forest Cake 999 849


Cake Plaza is the right place, where you get a wide range of cake flavours. Cake Plaza is one of the best online cake shops in India because of its high-quality Fondant Cakes and incredible services. Cake Plaza gives you cakes in many shapes and sizes, which will make complete any of your occasion and celebration with joy.

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