27 Best Designer Cake which you would Love

We humans are social beings, and celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries of our near and dear ones comes naturally to us.

In the beginning of the human civilization humans used to celebrate by assembling around bonfires, in the mid ages they did so around huge pieces of roasted meat, but now, in the modern times humans celebrate by assembling around a cake.

Therefore, to have a cake for celebrations such as the aforementioned ones is absolutely imperative.

Well, we at Cake Plaza would boldly take a step further and suggest why just a cake, why not a designer cake. A designer cake that successfully captures the mood and temperament of the person/persons being celebrated?

Yes, you heard that right. We at Cake Plaza take pride in our ability to shell out the most unique and awe-inspiring designer cakes for people to celebrate their special occasions with.

With that said, we would like you to take a look at some of the samples of of the designer cakes that we have to offer, below:

1. Pub-G Cake Design


Remember the times when you'd see that little devil of yours glued to the phone screen playing PubG for hours on end? Remember how annoying it was for you? However only after the game has been banned, can you now see how much it used to mean to him. No longer can you hear your little pumpkin joyously laugh out loud on winning a round of the game. We know that the game cannot be brought back, but we assure you, the smile and happiness it used to put on your son's face, can be. All you need to do is get him our PubG designer cake for his next birthday, and see the magic unfold. Buy Now

2.Spiderman Cake Design


Who doesn’t like the friendly neighborhood spiderman? We know we do. Make your child’s upcoming birthday special by placing our spiderman themed designer cake before him and making him feel like being in the vicinity of his favorite superhero. If you choose to gift your child with this designer cake of his dreams, we might just throw in a couple of more avenger friends of the superhero along with him on the cake base.

3.Mickey Mouse Cake Design


The world of Disney has its own charm and beauty, and who better to represent the same than the legendary characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Book our Mickey mouse themed designer cake for your son’s upcoming birthday and let the magic of Disney rub off on him.

4.Car Theme Designer Cake


Which kid in his right mind would not like to have the sounds of a revving V-8 Ferrari engine emanating from the bottom of his birthday cake. With this car themed designer cake, we intend to do exactly that. So, if you have not booked this cake for your son’s upcoming birthday yet, hit the gas already!

 5. Cricket Cake Design


Ours is a cricket loving nation and we would never want our children to be any different. Prove your love of cricket by passing on the same to your son. And this Cricket themed Designer cake that we have made, intents to help you do exactly that. Get your son to join the ranks of team India and make him bleed blue like the rest of us. Buy Now

6. Football cake design


There have been rumours that whoever consumes this football themed designer cake of ours, starts to hear the strange foot stadium cheer sounds in their sleep. That’s how good we are making our football themed designer cakes look like actual football. Ok we get it, the rumour part was a bit too much, but the sentence after that is the absolute truth. Book the cake to find out.

Designer cake for wife

It is not for nothing that wisest men throughout history have testified to the fact that a happy wife leads to a happy life.

For your wife’s upcoming birthday, gift her the happiness she deserves in the form of one of the many designer cakes that we have got to offer.

7. Makeup Cake Design



We are aware of the enormous hard work and time that your wife puts in to appear beautiful in front of your family and friends at parties and gatherings. And keeping that in mind we have come up with this very suave makeup themed designer cake that is sure to make your wife jump up in joy the minute she sees it. So, book the cake now and make your wife happy. Buy Now

8. Heart shape Fondant Cake


It was through your stomach that she drove her way into your heart. Now it’s your turn to do the same and rekindle the romance. Book this heart shaped fondant designer cake for your wife and show her that you care about her more than anything else.

This would also be a great choice on Valentine day Check the article 22 Best Valentine Day Cake.

9.Flower Cake Design


Remember your first date with her? The time you nervously pressed on the doorbell of her apartment door wondering if she’d be willing to go out with you, holding a bouquet of flowers in your hands. With this flower themed designer cake, we intend to remind your wife about the same. So, what are you waiting for, book it already!

10. Shopping Cake Design


Acknowledge your wife’s love for all things branded by gifting het this shopping themed designer cake on her birthday. It’ll put a smile on her face.

Customized cake for husband

Now that we are done with the portion of cakes for wives, it’s now the husbands’ turn.

Assuming you are the wife, let’s now look at the kind of cakes that your husband will fancy.

11. Gym Cake Design


If your husband is a gym nut and a fitness freak, show your approval by booking this gym themed designer cake for his birthday. He’ll love it, we are sure. Buy Now

12. Bottle Theme Cake


Who doesn’t like a nice bottle of liquid courage? Gift your husband the cake of his dreams by booking this bottle themed cake for his birthday. Buy Now

13. Travel Designer Cake


If your man has been bitten by the travel bug then this is the cake that you should book for his birthday. This travel themed designer cake will surely put a smile on his face.

14. Music Theme Cake


Gift your music loving husband this music themed designer cake on his birthday and then see him get reminded of all the great songs that he listens to.

15. Camera Designer Cake


If your husbands passionate about photography, this camera themed designer cake would be perfect for him.

16. Golf Theme Cake


If you book this golf themed designer cake for your golfer husband’s upcoming birthday, we can guarantee that you shall not regret it.

17. Hockey Theme Cake


Book this hockey themed cake for your sporty husband on his birthday. We are sure he’ll appreciate it.

Designer cake for baby boy

When it comes to your little bubbly bundle of joy, nothing other than the best will do.

Let’s look at the designer cakes we have for that cute little baby boy of yours, shall we?

18. Pegga Pig Designer Cake


If it’s your little munchkin’s 1st ever birthday party, book this Pegga the pig designer cake. We know that the cute little thing might not understand the whole thing about Pegga the Pig and the theme that we have thought through, but when he grows up and sees the pictures of his first ever birthday cake, he will surely not be disappointed.

19. Jurassic Theme Designer Cake


You can book this beautiful Jurassic park themed designer cake for your baby boy’s 1st birthday. We know that your baby might not have the awareness to know the kind of cake that was cut on his 1st birthday, but when he grows a little older, old enough to know about dinosaurs and all, he will surely appreciate the you for having booked this cake.

20. Jungle Theme Cake


Let the cute squishy animals of the jungle of our jungle themed designer cake greet your equally cute squishy little baby on his first birthday. There should be no compromises as far as creating lifelong memories of your son’s 1st birthday is concerned.

Designer cake for Anniversary

To live with someone who is different than you, has different tastes, likes and dislikes is hard enough.

Imagine living with someone for years on end and also being committed to the person for that period of time. That’s what marriage is folks. And making marriages work is tough work on the parts of husband and wife both.

So, it’s only logical that a couple marks the checkpoints of success as the marriage stretches along over the years. These checkpoints are testimony to the fact that the flame of love is still going strong between the husband and the wife.

These checkpoints are celebrated as anniversaries.

We have laid down below the type of anniversary-based designer cakes that we have to offer.

21. 50th Anniversary Cake


Making it to the 50th year of your marriage must have been an incredibly tough task. The sheer number of compromises and adjustments that both you and your significant other must have had to make can make anyone’s mind boggle and speaks volumes about the kind of love that has held the two of you together. Needless to say, it’s a very special occasion and demands a celebration. We’d recommend booking our amazing 50th anniversary cake for this occasion. You won’t be disappointed.

22. Anniversary Cake


Congratulate yourself and your significant other on having made it this far in your marriage. Celebrate this occasion by booking this amazing anniversary cake of ours designed by our talented inhouse bakers and pâtissiers. Also take this opportunity to rekindle your marriage vows and swear to go on strong till death does you apart.

23. Strawberry Fondant Cake


Your anniversary is a very special occasion. It shows that the commitment that you and your significant other have towards each other is still going strong. Celebrate this strong bond with our expertly crafted and designed strawberry fondant cake.

24. Heart Shape Designer Cake


This heart shaped designer cake that we offer represents the strong bond of love that exists between you and your significant other. Book this cake on your anniversary and make it even more special than it already is.

Here are Some Unique & Popular Designer Cake

25. Rasmalai Cake Design


In our country rasmalai is not just a sweet dish, its an emotion. And we at Cake Plaza have been able to capture this emotion in the form of this extremely tasty cake. We recommend that you try it once, and we are sure, you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering it the second time as well.

26. Mango Tart Cake


Try our mango tart cake and experience unparalleled bliss. Order now !

27. Ice Cream Designer Cake


At cake plaza, we also deal in a variety of exquisite ice cream-based designer cakes. Book them for your birthdays and other parties, and you won’t be disappointed.


With that we come to the end of our blog. We hope that you enjoyed going through it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Farewell and bon appetite. Cheers!

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