Here’s how you can organize a themed birthday party with a designer CocoMelon cake

CocoMelon - an edutainment program - has become the best friend of infants, toddlers, and kids alike. This has proven to be a boon for parents as they not only get time to themselves when the kids are hooked on to CocoMelon but also because parents know that their kids learn a lot in a play way method with this educational program.

This clearly is one of those times when their babies are not throwing tantrums over one thing or the other.

It is no surprise then that CocoMelon-themed merchandise has become the talk of the town. Moreover, CocoMelon birthday parties have also become quite a rage these days. There are endless CocoMelon Cake Designs that you can choose from to make way for a well-placed CocoMelon-themed birthday evening. 

CocoMelon Birthday Party Cakes


As you just read how popular CocoMelon birthday cakes are, you must be thinking of ordering one for the next birthday party at your home. CocoMelon Birthday Party Cakes are a huge hit with kids. While green cakes resembling watermelon (with alternating light green and dark green stripes) are the first choice, people also like to experiment with these cakes. A lot of them order these cakes in nice colour combinations such as blue and white, etc.

Customized CocoMelon Themed Cakes can be ordered in any size depending on the gathering you are looking to invite for the birthday celebrations. A small cake, a tower cake, a tier cake, the options are endless.

Big Party 2 Tier and 3 Tier CocoMelon Cake

2-tier-cocomelon-cakeYou can even buy a CocoMelon Cake in India when throwing a party for a large group of family and friends on your child’s special milestone birthday such as their first birthday, fifth birthday, or tenth birthday, especially when the kid is really into CocoMelon.

For a large gathering, big party 2-tier and 3-tier CocoMelon cakes can be considered. They make for a nice photo prop, can be served to everyone present, and all the cake toppers can be distributed among kids to play with – certainly, a win-win for everybody.

CocoMelon Photo Cakes

cocomelon-photo-cakePhoto cakes have a following of their own. People love them because of the high level of the personal touch they render. Combining two popular themes, a photo cake and a cartoon cake, to come up with something as unique as a CocoMelon Photo Cake is simply a wonderful idea.

Such a cake is most suited to a limited gathering of people as otherwise a small photo may lose its essence.

You can order a CocoMelon photo cake by incorporating a beautiful picture of you with your little baby. This will make for an everlasting memory. The aesthetic appeal of such a cake is also worth appreciating.

Designer CocoMelon Cake

designer-cocomelon-cakeFor a birthday party that will forever be etched in the hearts of guests of all age groups, it is highly important you get your hands on the best cake available out there.

A designer CocoMelon cake can become a show stealer if you have a party theme in the same flavour. Be it at home or at a garden or at a party banquet, creating a CocoMelon theme is fairly easy these days. Further to it, you just need the nicely designed, delicious cake to match to overall CocoMelon theme and you are set to put your best foot forward in front of your guests.

CocoMelon Cake with Edible Toppings

cocomelon-topper-cakesThis fondant cake brings to you CocoMelon-inspired toppings in all shapes, sizes, and colours. The good thing is you can eat them too. Yes, you read that right. A CocoMelon cake is mostly available in an edible topping variety made of fondant. Kids love gorging on those colourful CocoMelon-themed elements. CocoMelon cake with edible toppings is all you need to pull all the kids towards the centre table.

CocoMelon Cake in Various Flavours

cocomelon-various-flavours-cakesThe good thing with cakes is that there is no limitation to the cake flavours you can get them in. Similarly, CocoMelon-themed cakes can also be had in any flavour that fancies your mind.

If you wish to keep it kid-centric, you can go in for flavours such as candy, strawberry, bubblegum, and the like.

If there are going to be adults too at the party and you want to have a cake that suits their taste palette, you could go in for flavours like honey almond, walnut, hazelnut, Belgian chocolate, and whatnot!

Desire a cake that everyone can enjoy? A CocoMelon tier can incorporate more than just one flavour and be liked by one and all at the same time.

CocoMelon Theme Cake Doorstep Delivery

cocomelon-theme-cakes-deliveryAre you enticed enough to place an order for a special CocoMelon-themed Birthday Cake for your munchkin yet? Your next step certainly will be finalising where to order the perfect cake from.

Well, worry not, as your favourite baker now does CocoMelon theme cake doorstep delivery all over Delhi NCR.

We understand the importance of cakes for all merry occasions. We also understand the love kids show towards cakes. That is why we don’t shy away from walking the extra mile especially when it comes to baking speciality cakes for our cute little clients.

Our cartoon-inspired cakes are a hit in Delhi NCR as they look as good to the eye as they taste to the tongue.

For CocoMelon Birthday Cake Delivery in Gurgaon, all you need to do is get in touch with one of our representatives at Cake Plaza who can guide you through our range of cakes. If you are keen on a CocoMelon-themed cake but are stuck with the right size and would like to know if there is a scope for cake customisation, our expert cake representatives are happy to help. Place an online order for a CocoMelon-themed cake with Cake Plaza today - especially for the kids you adore!

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