Cake Delivery in Gurgaon

The best thing about cakes is that they come in an endless variety of flavours. You can order new flavours or types or designs of cake on every new occasion you celebrate and still, you will not run out of cake variety available these days. While some like to stick to old favourites like vanilla cake or at best fruit cake for birthdays, others like to experiment with flavours like tiramisu, fig and almond, or types like tier cake, cheesecake, or experiments like Isomalt cake etc.


Let’s read on to learn what all cakes are popular these days and what you can order as a Birthday Cake Delivery in Gurgaon:


Chocolate cake


A chocolate cake, without a doubt, secures the first rank. It is tough to find a person who does not like chocolate, many belief. If you are not very sure about the likes and dislikes of a person but still want to make a lasting impression on their birthday, just get them a heavenly chocolate cake for their birthday and you are sorted.


Red velvet cake


Gorgeous looking Red Velvet Cake is loved by a section of the society - a section that is well travelled or does not shy away from food experiments. A colour combination of red and white, coupled with a heavenly taste, makes this a unique cake that is both a treat to the eyes and the tongue. Best for birthday celebrations of a special someone.




Creamy and yummy, the rightly baked cheesecake can delight even the most delicate taste buds in your mouth easily. It has a niche audience that can relate to the creamy taste without much of a bread base. What your get instead is a gathering of biscotti on the base. The best thing when celebrating a royalty’s birthday.


Black Forest cake


This cake brings to you the best of both worlds. It has chocolate, it has buttercream, and it has juicy, plump cherries on the top. It looks appealing to the eyes and tastes pleasing to the tongue. For years now, it has been making regular appearances at events now and then. You can never go wrong with a Black Forest Cakes.


Lemon cake


While a lot of us cannot imagine relating lemon and cake together, it is happening, big time. It is now available in a range of icing designs that will just melt your heart. For a birthday party, you can have a lemon cake with fancy icing and all, but for tea time gatherings, you can enjoy it by itself also.


Pineapple upside-down cake


One of the most loved ingredients for desserts has to be a pineapple. A juicy and delectable boost in the form of warm pineapple chunks all over the cake renders it a special touch. The specialist of this cake is that the pineapple stays on the top while the cake follows beneath, just as the name suggests: pineapple upside-down cake.


Confetti cake


A fun-filled and joyous cake, confetti cake is loved by people belonging to all age groups. You can order this cake without second thoughts, be it on a kid’s birthday, a teenager’s birthday, or an adult’s birthday party. It is available in a range of shapes and sizes and can lift up the evening instantly with its burst of colours.


Banana cake


A cake that has the capability to make you go bananas is none other than a banana cake. Moist texture and strong taste make this cake a favourite among cake connoisseurs. This is mostly a dry cake and can be had with tea for many days after the birthday party is over. Don’t be shy and order this cutesy for a birthday party now.


Coffee cake


A perfect dessert for coffee lovers, this cake is limitless as it is available in a range of coffee flavours, the most popular ones being mocha and Irish. This type of cake has its own audience, the ones who live to have mugs after mugs of coffee. The best gift for a coffee-loving birthday boy/ girl.


Chiffon cake


Chiffon cake is basically an airy and light cake that is known for its lavishness. While the majority of the people might be learning about this one today, it is quite popular the world over. If you are celebrating the birthday of a person that is known for their international taste palette, they will love this cake and your thoughtfulness instantly.


Fault line cake


Amazingly enough, a fault line cake is inspired by the science books. It is a simple yet significant take on ordinary off the shelf cakes. It looks great as a birthday party dessert. The best thing is that it can be had in a range of flavours, right from the basics to the ones that are a concoction of the best in the world.


Isomalt cake


Isomalt is a form of sugar that does not change colour at being presented with high temperatures. It can be moulded into interesting shapes that can become cake toppers. Combined with a fault line cake at the base, this magical cake has become the first choice for birthdays these days.


Piñata cake


If it’s a kid’s birthday, you can bring in a surprise inside the cake, also known as piñata cake. This can be filled with candy for a surprise element. For a grown up’s birthday party too, you can order a nice looking piñata cake which they can access only after hitting hard on the outer shell. What a novelty!


Birthdays and cakes are synonymous, they go hand in hand. If you are planning a birthday party, and are on the lookout for a cake, here we are. Cake Plaza has the widest ever range of cakes and we do Birthday Cake Delivery in Delhi NCR at any time most suited to you. You can also get your own designs brought to reality with birthday cakes by one and only Cake Plaza!
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