Cake Plaza Comes Up with an All New Range of Customizable Pinata Cakes

A little history of Pinata cake first: Pinata cakes are based on this Mexican papier mache centrepieces with a hollow centre that is then used to hold sweets/ gifts/ anything to surprise people coming over. This concept gave birth to this ongoing trend of pinata cakes – also known as smash cakes and surprise inside cakes. Today, they are loved by the millennial for the fact that they are able to inject an element of surprise to occasions, holidays, and special days.

Pinata Cakes Are the Next Big Trend

Types of Surprise Inside Cakes

If you are already bewildered at the advancement in the cake industry and this new title takes the amusement to an all new level, let us define it and make it easy for you. There are two types of surprise inside cakes aka pinata cakes available: Soft Bread Surprise Inside Cakes and Hard Shell Surprise Inside Cakes. Let us now go into the details for both the types.

Soft Bread Surprise Inside Cakes

The name says it all. This is a ‘normal’ cake where in the space in the centre is created by cutting the bread. The icing is done on this after the cutting and scraping off the bread (leaving the base untouched) from the centre to make space to hide stuff inside. After this the stuff is added and the top is covered with a piece of bread or a lot of icing. This is cut using a regular cake knife upon which the goodies start popping out.

Soft Bread Gems Inside Pinata Cake

Hard Shell Surprise Inside Cakes

This is unlike the soft bread surprise inside cake you just read about. The hard shell is used making chocolate in a mould of a shape you desire, like a heart shape hard shell pinata, a diamond shape hard shell pinata, a globe shape hard shell pinata… the list goes on. It is not cut using a knife. The hard shell requires a toy hammer (that comes along with the cake) using which the shell is broken to reach to the insides where the surprise is hidden.

Hard Shell Basketball Pinata Cake

What All Can Go Inside a Pinata Cake

Most of us limit ourselves to just candy when we think about filing up a pinata cake. Of course, the kids love candy, and it is an instant hit, but hey, just about being thoughtful about the filling can help you use a pinata cake for a range of celebrations. If it is for kids, you could easily choose to add mini versions of the following:

  1. Mini balls
  2. Erasers
  3. Pencils
  4. Plastic toy rings/ necklaces
  5. Mini bags of cookies/ crackers
  6. Marshmallows
  7. Packets of raisins or cranberries
  8. Yo-yo’s
  9. Spinning tops
  10. Stickers
  11. Rubber toys
  12. Plastic toy cars
  13. Mini bottles of bubbles
  14. Small plastic animals
  15. Stuffed or squishy toys
  16. Fruit snacks
  17. Water squirt guns
  18. Bath toys
  19. Finger Puppets
  20. Mini action figurines/dolls
  21. Glow sticks
  22. Puzzles
  23. Rubix cubes
  24. Kiddie sunglasses
  25. Stamps/ Notepads/ Coloring Books
  26. Sticky wall toys
 All That Can Go Inside a Pinata Cake

If it is for an adult’s birthday or for your partner as a wedding proposal or Valentine’s or Wedding Anniversary surprise, having a pinata cake can help you a great deal. Without having to say any words, you can express your emotions using a pinata cake with any of the following fillings:

  1. Engagement ring
  2. Photo roll negatives
  3. A love note
  4. Photo scraps
  5. Heart pops                                                                                              

Having a cake is a must for any kind of celebration. Be it someone’s birthday or a wedding anniversary, farewell or welcome ceremony, graduation or baby shower, housewarming or any other such occasion or holiday season, a nice cake actually completes the occasion. Off late, chefs from around the world, various food bloggers, and baking enthusiasts have started experimenting with cakes. They are the reason we are seeing such creativity come up on the cake shelves. Tsunami cakes, pinata cakes, origami cakes, the list just goes on.

A kid’s birthday celebration with pinata cake sounds different, doesn’t it? This designer cake carries with it a personal touch that is admired by one and all. This customised cake is truly a crowd puller. You could order a pinata cake for all occasions using the online cake services by Cake Plaza. We have launched a wide range of super creative pinata cakes. The best thing is that you could further customise them as per your needs and give the cake a personal touch. All you need to do is talk to us and express your desire for a pinata cake.

We do same day deliveries as well as midnight deliveries for Pinata Cakes in Delhi NCR. Time to bask in the glory of your celebrations, your way!

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