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Is your little one’s birthday just around the corner? Are you frantically looking for ideas to make it one of the most memorable days for your baby? Some parents these days prefer themed birthday parties. Others keep it simple and yet juice a lot out of the day. Themed or not, a birthday party cannot do without this one thing: CAKE. It can easily be categorized as every kid’s favorite birthday gift. Themed designer Birthday Cakes complete a themed birthday party. In the absence of a themed birthday party too, a themed birthday cake for kids makes it a wonderful surprise for them.

This article consists of a list of cakes you can draw inspiration from. If you are looking for a cartoon cake in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, you should go through this list for some hands-on ideas. These designs are very popular and must be on your child’s list of favourites too. Read on:


Super Hero

Every child dreams of transforming into a superhero. What better way than bringing in a superhero cake to add some spark on their big day then? Superheroes like Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman etc. are the top choices when it comes to designer superhero themed birthday cakes.


When these cute little men take the form of a cake, the world of the little ones changes. With their capsule like tiny bodies, minions are a favourite amongst one and all. Based on the cartoon character, these cakes carry with them yellow and blue accents of fondant. You can either order the face part or the entire body of this funky little man and have a blast at the birthday.

Disney Cartoons

Cartoon Cake

Disney cartoon inspired cakes are bound to be a hit because Disney has been every child’s favourite for over two generations now. Disney characters like, first and foremost, Mickey Mouse, then Ariel the mermaid, and most recently Elsa from Frozen are quite popular and have been inspiring creative fondant based cake designs.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Cake

Peppa Pig and her family seem to have had a big influence on kids all across the globe since the very beginning. Peppa Pig, hence, is the easy choice for a themed designer cake. This fondant based cake is highly ordered for kids aged 2-8.


Barbie Cake

Barbie - with her flexible and slender body frame - has been stealing hearts for decades now. Barbie based merchandise can be found all across and so is the case with cakes. Barbie Cakes are very popular with young children. These cakes are mostly buttercream based cakes where a Barbie is inserted inside the cake and her flowing dress is mimicked by the buttercream of the cake.

Hello Kitty

Similar to Barbie, Hello Kitty - a popular Japanese cartoon character - is also found is all sorts of merchandise for kids, right from their stationery to their lunch box and everything in between. It is undoubtedly a much-loved theme for birthday cakes. It’s pink and white colour palette is easily loved by kids.

Paw Patrol

As the name PAW PATROL suggests, this Canadian animated TV series is all about rescue dogs. The series focuses on a boy and his team of these rescue dogs. If you are looking to get a Paw Patrol cake, this is what you should expect: fondant figurines resembling the Paw Patrol team around the logo of the TV series - an easy favourite of kids!

Mythical Characters

Unicorn Cake

Apart from cartoon character cakes like Shinchan Cartoon Cake, Tom and Jerry cartoon cake design, and Doraemon Cake, mythical character cakes are not based on TV series or books. Popular cake designs in this category are mermaid cake and unicorn cake. Bright colourful frosting makes these mythical character cakes an instant hit with kids.

Story Books

Some kids live in an extended world created on the basis of storybooks they read. Cakes inspired by storybook characters are much loved too. Some popular designer cakes based on storybooks are Alice in Wonderland, Three Little Pigs, The Gruffalo, and on some books by Dr. Seuss (such as Cat in the Hat).

Mug Cakes

Mug Cake

If you are not throwing your child a big birthday party and wish to limit it to a small family gathering, you can get them a cute little mug cake. As the name suggests, these cakes overflow from a cup. Available in a variety of flavours, they sure offer your child a lot of novelty.

Photo Cakes

If you don’t agree with fondant cakes and find limited themed cake options left to you, there’s some hope left for you with Photo Cakes. Spider Man Photo Cake, Barbie Photo Cake, Chota Bheem Photo Cake… whatever theme you have in your mind can be converted into a photo cake.

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds gave people an adrenaline when they were introduced in a mobile gaming app that goes by the same name. Be it a pastry, a cup cake, or a big cake, you can get an Angry Birds cake in any form you like the most. They are available in both buttercream as well as fondant variants.

Bottom Line

Themed Designer Cakes make birthdays all the more special for children of all age groups. For a themed or a cartoon Cake in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, Cake Plaza is your best bet ever. Our affordable cakes are the tastiest accompaniment you can have. Start ordering for big days with us now!

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