Make Way for Bento Cakes

You must have heard or read about bento cakes on one of the social media platforms in recent times. These mini cakes are also referred to as lunch box cakes. But, before we delve further, let’s see what exactly is a bento cake.


What is a bento cake?


In Japanese, the word bento translates to convenience. Bento boxes are carried by everyone there consisting of a single serving of their meals. This is why they are often referred to as lunch box cakes too. Originating in the 12th century in Japan, these mini cakes are sizes that some people know by the name of no share cakes.

History Of Bento Cakes


Bento cakes were popularised in South Korea. In no time did they catch the fancy of the world because of their cuteness element. Another thing that added to their popularity was that COVID-induced lockdowns had cut down on gatherings in large groups. For all occasions, it was just the maximum of 4-5 people and in some cases, even two. People wanted to bring home cakes to mark those occasions but were unable to do so as the wastage with the normal Birthday Cakes was huge. And hence, when bento cakes hit the markets, they became an instant favorite. Today, there is a bento cake for every occasion waiting for you to devour it.


Many Uses Of Bento Cakes


You can even send these adorable treats to someone feeling not so good on a particular day. This cake very well knows how to cheer someone up instantly. If the person stays all by themselves, they don’t even need to worry about storing the cake lest it goes bad. Your friends and family would never see it coming and their hearts would surely melt at the sight of these cutie beauties.


Their small size is apt for those late-night cravings too, especially for people who are keeping a tight tab on their food portions. If you are a novice at baking, then also this lunchbox cake size is perfect as even if the cake does not bake perfectly, you will have reduced wastage plus the cuteness of the cake will make up for it to an extent.

Order Lunch Box Cake in Gurgaon


Are you enticed about bento cakes, also known as lunch box cakes? How about ordering one on an upcoming occasion? Is someone close to turning another year wiser anytime soon? Is your favorite couple celebrating their wedding anniversary? A friend who recently graduated? Housewarming ceremony of a relative? Anything that you wish to celebrate has to have a Designer Cake, and this time, let’s have the celebrations with a bento cake.


You can now order lunch box cake in Gurgaon for any occasion or even when you feel like treating your taste buds to something sweet and nice without having to worry about sharing it with others.


Customizable Bento Cakes in Gurgaon


The good thing about bento cakes is that while they are compact in size, they can still be customized. A lot of people order this in sets of four, each containing a different message pertaining to a theme. For instance, on Father’s Day, a client ordered a set of bento cakes and all of them had a blue theme. One had a tie, the other had an office bag, the third had a beer mug, and the fourth had a personal message for daddy dearest.


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