Designer Cakes Add Magic to Occasions & Holidays

Designer Cake – The Art of Decorating

A well-decorated cake is the centre of attraction of many occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and even a lot of holidays. Initially, cakes were sold as dried cakes but since 18th century now, cake frosting that helps bake designer cakes has become common practise. Today, this whole practise of having elaborate designs that help turn the most basic of cakes into eye-catching pieces of dessert has become common place and is highly preferred.

Designer cakes are mostly attempted at by professional bakers and people who have been practising baking customise cakes for many years now. However, the art of cake designing is something anyone can try their hand at. It can easily become a person’s hobby or just a medium of time pass when they are enjoying their sabbatical or retirement. It helps people of all age groups and from varied interests work on their creative genius.

With the advancement of technology, learning this new art of cake decoration has become easy to acquire by people who seem to be interested. A lot of culinary arts schools offer these courses aiming to help people design their food products, you could also take the help of technology to sharpen your cake designing skills. You could watch videos, read books, join groups on various social media platforms just to enhance your skills. If you are eager to get started with cake designing, world wide web is full of useful resources, waiting to be tapped by you.

Dress up an occasion cake or a holiday cake with simple recipes and get onto more elaborate ones as you gain more experience. Some recipes focus on decorating the outsides of the cake with a lot of seasonal and exotic fruits and candies etc., while the others are simply recipes that use the most basic layering techniques that help make the insides sparkle. Depending on what you want to achieve and what the occasion calls for, you could choose from a variety of recipes available out there.


But now the question arises: how do you start? Watching videos or reading books is one thing, but having the basics covered is essential. Once you learn the basics like tips for filling a piping bag, dripping caramel over a cake, choosing the right frosting, making trendy naked cakes, you will be designing gorgeous celebration-worthy treats (read: cakes) like a pro in no time. Read on to learn the basics to sharpen your designer cake craft.

When it comes to decorating a designer cake, steer clear from whipped cream frosting and very thin frostings as they tend to give in under heavy layers of the cake.


While an amateur will make do with a zip-top bag, a serious cake designer will go in for reusable pastry bags that can accommodate various designs.


Take a sharp knife and dip it in hot water. Wipe it with a dry cloth and slice the cake in one go. Wipe the cake bits and repeat the hot water dip formula with each turn of cake slicing.


It is not always piping bags that help create the best designer cake. Sometimes, the back of a spoon can do enough wonders. Take for example this swirl cake that used just a spoon and voila!


Gather melted chocolate and ganache and pour that over the cake. When it cools down, spoon it over to the top of the cake and start pushing it towards the edges of the cake. Your imperfectly perfect ganache cake is ready.


Thin layer of frosting on the outsides rubbed with bench scraper to take away any extras is all you need to make a trendy naked cake. Best used for a chocolate malt cake design.


The easiest and quickest way to doll up a cake is to sprinkle a lot of ready confetti or chocolate chips or roasted nuts or desiccated coconut. Sprinkles and shop-bought decorations add up to the vibe of the occasion.


In order to eb able to shell out decorative designer cakes, you ought to have certain decorating tools in your kitchen. Don’t worry, these professional tools don’t really cost much. Having the following ensures a lot of help:

Offset spatulas

Bench scraper

Piping bags and tips

Cake turntable

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