A Range of Designer Wedding & Engagement Cakes

Choosing a wedding cake is certainly not a cakewalk! A marriage ceremony is one of the most important moments in the couple's life as it is on this day they step into a major chapter together. Hence, people tend to leave no stone unturned in making sure every minute detail comes out perfectly. Selecting from a range of Designer Cakes is as much a part of this process.


This article talks about everything related to designer Wedding Cakes in detail so you can get a complete picture. We start with talking about shapes, types, and a range of fillings before moving over to decorations and cake topper varieties, and ending with delicious wedding and engagement cake options you can choose from.


Wedding Cakes in Gurgaon in Various Shapes


While a simple and elegant round tier cake has always been the go-to design, the following shapes are gradually showing up and becoming popular in today’s world:

-A modern and stylish square shape

-A pillow shaped cushiony multi-tiered cake

-A heart-shaped tier wedding cake

-Topsy turvy asymmetrical tier cake


Different Cake Types To Choose From

There are numerous types of cake types to choose from. Here, we mention the top three popular cake types:

-A sponge cake is, hands down, a wedding favorite

-A new entrant, chiffon cake is light and fluffy and can be stored for long

-An alternative to traditional cakes, a cheesecake is a loved variety too


A Variety Of Fillings For Wedding Cakes in Delhi

From basic to advanced, there is no dearth of fillings when it comes to cakes. Listed here are the most loved cake filling varieties.

-Dry fruit cake

-Berry and cream cake

-Chocolate cake

-Belgian chocolate cake

-Lemon sorbet cake


Cake Decorations - The Fun Part

You can stay as sober or go as wild when it comes to cake decorations. Listed below are some options to give you a brief idea:









Variety of Cake Toppers

Adding a cake topper or two hurts nobody and gives the cake a special look too. Look at the below options:

-Picture perfect

-Bride & Groom Figurines

-Engagement Rings


Popular Wedding & Engagement Cake Options

Top-Wedding & Engagement-Cake-Themes 

Translucent Isomalt Wedding Cake

Isomalt experiment on the cakes is relatively a new thing and you can make a lasting impression on your guests by getting in a translucent Isomalt Wedding Cake for the big day.


Pressed Flower Cake

A cake that gets as natural as it can with freshly handpicked flowers adorning it from all over, this one is loved by nature-loving couples for its simplicity.


Brush Stroke Cake

For an artist couple, nothing comes close to a brushstroke cake as it resembles their passion in the best possible manner. This one is available in a range of options.


Pearls and Glitters cake

If you want to stick to the basics, then pearls and glitters cake for the D-day is one of the best options out there. It renders a soft touch to the evening, making it a memorable affair.


Unique Geode Cake 

If you wish to treat your guests to a trending cake, you got to opt for a unique geode cake. It is an out-of-the-world cake design that makes heads turn and eyes pop.


Dripping Cake with Macarons

For a couple born with a sweet tooth and a fetish for international sweets and desserts like macaroons, a dripping cake with macaroons is the best cake ever.


Square Tier Cake 

This shape gives more space for creativity and you can choose from a range of adornments for this one. It gives a neat appearance as is quite popular nowadays.


Mini Wedding Cake

If yours is going to be a private wedding with just close family members and friends attending the ceremony, you can opt for cute-looking mini wedding cakes available in a plethora of designs these days.


Cake Plaza has a range of designer wedding and engagement cakes that you as well as your guests will find irresistible. Be it a wedding cake or a Roka cake or an engagement cake or a Wedding Anniversary Cake, Cake Plaza offers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing and tasty customized cake options in Gurgaon. Talk to us in detail about your ideas so we can together arrive at an out-of-the-world beauty of a cake for the big day!

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