Delicious Fault Line Cakes by Cake Plaza

Fault Line cakes have emerged as the latest trend in the world of cakes these days. But, wait, fault line, you just said? Doesn’t that lexically mean a long crack in the surface of the earth? Then how come that ‘line’ become a part of the dessert we all love?


Inspired by the lexical meaning of the very word, a fault line cake is actually a cake with a crevice that is used to hold chocolate chips, flowers, fruits, cookies, confetti, and much more.


Fault Line Cakes by Cake Plaza are taking Delhi NCR occasions by storm, and why shouldn’t they?


Read below to understand what makes fault line cakes by Cake Plaza an instant hit.


Rainbow Fault Line Cake



A rainbow fault line cake is all about VIBGYOR coming to play for a magical effect. This cake exposes rainbow colors in the center where you can get the wishes like Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary etc. written.


For an added effect, you can add rainbow confetti or Gems on the top of the cake too.


Sprinkle Fault Line Cake Sparkling-Sprinkle-Fault-Line-Cake

Colorful confetti cakes have always remained people’s favorite. Combine the sprinklers with a fault line cake and what you get is pure magic. As the name suggests, this cake is all about sprinkles and sparkles in a multitude of colors. A must-have cake idea for a birthday party.


Watermelon Fault Line Cake


Celebrating your little one’s birthday? If you don’t want to repeat cartoon characters, superheroes, and Doll Cakes, a watermelon fault line can break the monotony and fill the evening with the fresh breeze. It is shaped like a watermelon and can be customized in any flavor as per the customer’s preference.


Chocolate Fault Line Cake


Who can ever say no to rich Chocolate Cakes? Combine it with the trending fault links Cake idea and no one will even be able to forget the grand celebrations that will follow thereafter.


You can either choose a simple chocolate fault line cake or go all elaborate and add confetti, chocolate chips, and exotic fruits like strawberries to it.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Fault Line Cake


Chocolate-y, creamy, crunchy - pure heavenly - this is what a chocolate chip cookie fault line cake is all about. This cake is best for your school-going girl’s sixteenth Birthday party.


Fault Line Cake with Flowers


Freshly handpicked flowers have become the go-to cake companion these days. How can, then, one not experiment with fresh flowers on a fault line cake? You can choose from a range of flowers for this cake, though, roses - owing to their versatility in terms of available colors - are the most preferred flowers for this cake.


Biscoff Fault Line Cake


For this cake, you start with layers and layers of rich chocolate cake, a generous filling of chocolate buttercream and Biscoff spread, and complete it with Biscoff cookies! This cake tastes as heavenly as it looks. It is good for any evening, occasion or no occasion.


Strawberry Fault Line Cake


One look at this cake and your heart flutter like a butterfly. This mostly blushes pink cake consists of juicy strawberries on the sides, insides, as well as on the top - something you would want to go back to always. This strawberry fault line cake is a perfect companion for a romantic evening with your partner.


Fault Line Cake Recipe

If the baker in you wishes to give this cake a try, you can start with any fault line cake recipe, names for which are given above. Once you get the hang of it, the whole process of baking a fault line cake becomes a ‘cakewalk’.


There are numerous fault line cake recipes well suited for beginners as well as for advanced bakers.


Tips for Making a Fault Line Cake


If you are baking a fault line cake at home, you may:


-Spread the whole procedure into 2-3 days so you don’t feel the pressure that comes along.


-opt for a taller cake as it makes covering the cake with frosting relatively easy and quick.


Order Fault Line Cake in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

If you are not the type who is adept at baking or if you think this is a bit longer a procedure, you may simply order a Fault Line Cake in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR using the online services of Cake Plaza. At Cake Plaza, we ensure the tastiest cakes in designs everyone will fall in love with. Cover all your occasions with a range of cakes by one and only Cake Plaza!
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