Top Ideas for Raksha Bandhan Cake Online

Raksha Bandhan - or Rakhi - is an Indian festival that honors' the beautiful childhood memories one makes with their siblings. On strolling down memory lane, these instances fill one’s heart with joy. You can once again enliven those Raksha Bandhan moments with your siblings by bringing in various elements and a Raksha Bandhan cake.

Yes, a cake!

A cake is more than just a sweet concoction of flour, butter, sugar, and icing - it is a feeling, a story in itself. With many Raksha Bandhan cake ideas available online these days, you can easily find the one that you can most relate to.

If you are looking for Raksha Bandhan Cake for siblings to make this Rakhi all the more special, you have landed at the right post.

Red velvet Rakhi cake


This cake is certainly a visual and a taste delight. Made using red frosting, this is a cake no sister can resist having just one slice of. It is simply one of the most selling cakes on the occasion of Rakhi.


Photo Raksha Bandhan cake 


Celebrate Raksha Bandhan - the most vital day for siblings - with a custom Rakhi cake featuring a photograph of the two of you in an edible link. Photo Cakes with Rakhi online have become quite popular these days, so choosing one for the Rakhi celebrations sounds like the most appropriate option.

Designer cake for Rakhi

Unique and creative cakes draw everyone towards them. While options in the category of Designer Cakes for Rakhi are innumerable, you can even come up with your very own design to make the occasion more special and memorable. One designer Rakhi cake that makes rounds every year is a designer cake with a Rakhi motif on it. This cake sure catches the fancy of all the family members present.

Raksha Bandhan theme cakes

With cakes becoming synonymous with all kinds of occasions, Raksha Bandhan being pretty much a new entrant, Rakhi theme cakes are quite popular these days. Many bakery shops online offer delicious cakes in designs that will make your jaw drop. Ordering a Raksha Bandhan theme cake will ensure siblings sit together along the cake table and feel nostalgic remembering various highlights from their childhood days.

Cartoon cakes for Rakhi online


For a sweet little brother who is your stress reliever albeit a mischief ball, you need to order a Cartoon Cake for Rakhi Online. While the pious thread of Rakhi will act as a message for him to act as your protector, the cake sure will motivate him to do so!

You can opt for a superhero cake if the little bro goes crazy looking at them. Or, you could opt for a cake design based on one of his favorite cartoon characters for the special occasion of Rakhi. The return gift on receiving the cake will surely be a million-dollar smile you will cherish forever.

Heart shaped cake for Rakhi

We generally think of lovers when the idea of a Heart-shaped cake comes up. But, a heart-shaped cake is very much relevant if you are looking for a Rakhi cake. If your siblings do not live in the vicinity of your residence and that means you meet seldom, this heart-shaped cake for Rakhi makes all the more sense.

If you are a brother, you could order one as a dessert for your sister(s) to rejoice. If you happen to be a sister, you could treat your brother’s taste buds and eyes with a heart-shaped Rakhi cake in lieu of sweets. He will not be able to resist it even if he is on a strict diet!!

Delicious Chocolate cakes for Rakhi

 Choco… ooh-la-la-cake

The word chocolate makes people drool. A Chocolate Cake to carries the same sweetness with it. By ordering one of the delicious chocolate cakes for Rakhi, you can bring an enormous amount of excitement to the special day. As kids, a lot of us have always craved for an extra piece of chocolate, no matter if it meant cheating against a sibling. Now, as grown-ups, bringing in a chocolate cake for this day will help us laugh at those good old days! 85

Delicious Cupcakes for Rakhi


For a big gathering on Raksha Bandhan with the extended family coming in too, you could order cupcakes instead of a cake. The good thing about cupcakes is that they look unique and innovative as compared to cakes. Moreover, one does not need to share their slice of cake with others as each one gets to have their personal cupcake. These days, bakeries offer a range of designer and delicious cupcakes for Rakhi.


Delectable fruit cakes

Tangy-fruit-in-a sweet-cake 

All of us love fruit-based cakes as they give a fresh burst of flavor we can relate to. Strawberry, kiwi, vanilla, mango, blueberry, and pineapple are some most loved flavors when it comes to buying fruit cakes. For occasions such as Raksha Bandhan, a fruit cake seems like the most relevant option as it balances out all the sweets one gorge on.


Special cheesecakes for Rakhi


If smooth, creamy cakes are your favorite, you should go in for special cheesecakes for Rakhi. Cheesecakes are almost the best innovation the world could ever receive. They are available in a range of flavors, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, making way for a wonderful treat for the sweet tooth.

Layered Rakhi Cakes for Raksha Bandhan

If you are planning a little get-together after a long time this Rakhi, the answer to all those sweet cravings from the guests is a layered Rakhi cake for Raksha Bandhan. Multi-tier Raksha Bandhan Cakes are available in any design, shape, flavor, and size you may prefer… Just the best thing for the fam jam.


Fondant Rakhi Cake


If dolls, cricket, supermen, and the likes entice you on cakes, fondant cake is the answer. A fondant Rakhi cake can be ordered from an expert bakery as it involves the use of hands adept at cake designing. Intricately designed fondant Rakhi cakes are a feast to the eye and are relishing to taste too.

If you are looking for an Online Raksha Bandhan Cake, your search ends here. You could now make the Raksha Bandhan celebrations even more

special and wonderful with special cake by one and only Cake Plaza. Be it a simple cake or an elaborate theme cake for Rakhi, we get the best for you each time, every time!!

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