India Lockdown - Enjoy your lockdown period with cake plaza

What is a Lockdown?

A lockdown is an emergency protocol that prevents people from leaving a given area. A full lockdown will mean you must stay where you are and not exit or enter a building or the given area.

This scenario usually allows for essential supplies, grocery stores, pharmacies and banks to continue to serve the people. All non-essential activities remain shut for the entire period.

India, at the moment, is not under complete lockdown. However, severe travel restrictions have been imposed on some states, and public places have been shut. Rail, intercity bus services have been suspended throughout the country.

In this lockdown, do all these activates and send to Cake Plaza

  • Design your own special cake on a paper & shared it on
  • Draw special card design and share it on our facebook page.
  • Make list of preparing birthday, anniversary part of your special one and share it to us we would like to make it complete.
  • Create your special video & share with us.
  • Decorate your home and share images with us for good decorating ideas.

Follow all these activities at your home and enjoy your lockdown period.

Stay home stay safe stay happy with cake plaza stay creative also.

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