Get Navaratri Special Cake Online at Your Doorstep in Gurgaon

Navratri - the nine days of festivities - is around the corner. For the celebrations, we at Cake Plaza have got you covered with our fine range of Navratri Special cakes.
For the unawares who are confused as to what a Navratri special cake is, let’s get into a bit of history, shall we?
Navratri is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. The legend is that Goddess Durga (Maa Durga) got into a ferocious battle with the demon King Mahishasura and killed him, even though he was blessed with the gift of immortality by none other than Lord Brahma.
In today’s date and time, Hindus celebrate the nine days by observing a fast and praying to the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. Observing a fast means abstaining from not just liquor and non-vegetarian food, but also grains, legumes, and other food that is considered of tamasik nature. People who observe a fast hence only eat sattvik food such as potatoes, cottage cheese, bottle guard, kuttu ka atta, singhade ka atta, samvak ke chawal, makhane, and the likes.

So, if there is a special occasion that is falling during the Navratri season this time around and you are bummed you won’t be able to celebrate, here comes the news that will take you by surprise.
Cake Plaza brings to you a selection of Navratri Special Cake Online for All Occasions (Birthdays, anniversaries, Wedding, etc.), so you don’t feel limited and can celebrate in style.
If you are thinking how is an eggless Navratri Cake even possible and if it will do justice to the kind of delicacy you have in mind, the doubts are pretty much justified.
A Navratri cake is not just an eggless variant of the cakes you get otherwise, but it is more than that.

The Eggless Navratri Fast Cake is also known as a Gluten Free Cake, Grain Free Cake, or Sugar-Free Cake because if you look at the ingredients, it contains no grain, is gluten-free, and mostly replaces sugar with jaggery or honey.

These fasting cakes are actually healthy kuttu cakes that you can indulge in with any hint of guilt. While the base is hugely kuttu atta, the most common frosting and flavor ideas are rich walnut cake, blueberry cake, and almond flakes cake, among others. Navratri photo cake is also a popular variety that, with its beautiful design, covers up for the various food-related restrictions that come with Navratri around the corner.

These oh-so-tempting cakes are brimming with exclusive flavors and no matter what the occasion, they aptly fit the bill. Being eggless, using only sattvic ingredients, any of the cakes tagged ‘Navratri Special’ on our website can be wholeheartedly consumed during these nine days. If you are not observing a fast but throwing a party where you think many guests might be fasting, getting Navratri Cakes Online is a wise idea so people can enjoy the dessert without any restrictions thank you for your thoughtfulness.

What’s more, be it a Navratri cake online or a Happy Dussehra cake, Cake Plaza caters to all cake-related needs of its clients.

Be it a birthday Navratri cake or a wedding anniversary Navratri cake, be it at work or at home, ordering an eggless cake that exclusively caters to the Navratri guidebook is all that you need to feel happy and spread happiness further.

Excited enough to place an order for a Navratri Special Cake in Gurgaon or any other part of Delhi NCR? Sift through our wide range of fasting cakes online and trust us when we say you will be amazed by just looking at the designs these cakes are carved in. If you wish to surprise someone by sending them a cake when you cannot physically be there for their big day, you can send them a Navratri special cake so they can celebrate, with you preferably on the video call!
Think occasions during Navratri, think Delicious Designer Cakes, think Cake Plaza because it is all possible now!
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