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About Bomb Cake



Are you now twitching your eyes wondering what is this new cake variety that has become the talk of the town? Well, this cake talks all about Bomb cakes for all occasions.

To start with, this is the next level version of piñata cakes, also known as smash cakes and surprise inside cakes. You can say that this is a cake that carries with it next level of surprise and uniqueness.

Such cakes are popular for all the excitement they offer to the recipient as well as the guests present.

Bomb cake shell is made of food grade plastic material. A cake is placed inside it. The four flaps of the bomb shell are joined using a firecracker stick that on being lit opens apart the flaps thus exposing the cake inside.

The good thing is that this bomb shell can be used several times and it is not a one time thing. So, for different occasions and for different gatherings, you can bring in excitement and a surprise level every single time.

Read on to learn more.

Inside Bomb Cake


Now that we have learnt about the luxurious feel the outsides/ exteriors of the bomb cake shell provide, let’s move to know about the insides/ interior of this unique product.

As mentioned earlier, the entire shell inside out is made using food grade plastic. Placing the cake inside this is pretty safe. The insides of the bomb cake shell can hold a small cake placed on a 6-7 inch cake tray. For an 8 inch cake tray, you need to fit in a small bowl onto which you can then place the cake.

Once the cake along with the cake tray as well as a cake topper (size for which depends on the size as well as the placement of the cake tray) fits inside, you bring the four flaps together and close them accordingly.

For any Birthday Cake or another big occasion, this is one of the most exciting as well as luxurious surprise cake you could plan.

You can also keep small gifts inside the bomb shell and use it as is. This makes for a lovely surprise gift too.

Price and Availability of Bomb Cake


Bomb cake shells cost somewhere around ₹1,200 - ₹1,800 in the market, depending on the quality, size, and other design variations. What kind of cake you choose to place inside the shell decides the total bomb cake price in Gurgaon for you.

Next in the series is the availability of bomb cakes. If you are looking for bomb Cake Delivery in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, you have landed at the right place. Cake Plaza brings to you a variety of trendy cakes, Bomb cake being the latest entrant.

We have with us a range of bomb cake variants available for you to choose from. If it’s a birthday, you can go in for tower cakes, if it’s a kid’s special day, pick a cartoon character cake and you are set, and if it’s a love occasion like Valentine’s Day or a couple’s wedding anniversary, our advice for you would be a heart cake inside the bomb shell.

Just imagine the element of surprise followed by genuine happiness the receiver(s) will reflect on their face upon receiving this surprise cake.

How to Use and Place a Bomb Cake


The usage of a bomb cake shell is pretty simple. It is generally available in a set of 5 parts. One is the major semi-sphere inside which the cake is placed. Then there are four flaps which are screwed to the main part. Once they are screwed as per the instructions and the cake is placed inside, the flaps are held together and tied using the firecracker stick.

When using the bomb shell to expose the cake or any other surprise inside, you light the firecracker and it then opens apart the flaps, and voila! the cake is right there staring at you.

Placing the cake needs you to be a bit careful. Ensure that the cake tray fits inside the shell securely and then place the cake accordingly. Once everything is tightly secured, you can place the entire shell inside the carton box it had originally come in. This makes it ready to be transported.

For bomb cake order online, visit us at Cake Plaza now. Using our online services, you can order bomb cake instantly and get ready for the surprise party.

We take midnight as well as same day Cake Delivery in Delhi  orders. Make for an amazing gifting experience with Bomb Cake by Cake Plaza. Our cakes are super affordable and buying them does not burn a hole in your pocket. Party hard and add excitement to your gatherings with our bomb shell cakes!

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