Special Piñata Cake for a Special Day

Piñata cake needs no introduction in today’s date and time. It has taken the digital world by a storm. Occasion big or small, piñata cake takes the centre stage. The point to note is that it is not just a passing trend, piñata cake - also known as a surprise inside cake or a Smash Cake - for all the novelty that it brings, is here to stay. 

How Surprise Inside Piñata Cake Brings Novelty?


Piñata cake is available in two broad types: a hard shell piñata cake and a soft piñata cake. A soft piñata cake needs a knife to be cut open like other cakes. It brings in novelty in the form of what flows from inside on being cut. In a hard shell piñata cake, there is no knife cutting involved. You use a toy hammer to break open the chocolate shell, which then reveals the actual cake inside.

While one type uses a knife and the other a hammer, both variants of a piñata cake bring in loads of novelty. This makes them super popular with everyone.

Fun and Festive Piñata Cake Variants

There is no limitation to creativity when it comes to piñata cakes. As just mentioned above, broadly speaking, piñata cake is available in two types: hard shell piñata cake and soft surprise inside piñata cake.




Let’s start with the variants you can choose from when buying a soft piñata cake. There is no dearth of creativity with this type. You can choose from basics like strawberry cake and vanilla cake to slightly elaborate ones like Photo Cake and cartoon character cake, to something exquisite like a Designer Cake. It is the insides that carry excitement. You can add candies, funky pieces of jewellery, pralines etc. inside for an element of surprise.


Now, let’s talk about the most popular hard shell piñata cake that comes with a toy hammer. The hard shell can vary in shape vis a vis diamond shape, heart shape, globe shape, etc. it is made using dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Inside sits a pretty cake which is revealed when the hard shell is broken apart with a couple lights nudges of a toy hammer. Reading about it only makes many of us salivate!!

Why Piñata Cake is Trending These Days?

The simple answer is it brings in a lot of novelty and hence is trending. To elaborate on this, you have read so far the types of piñata cakes available and what you can do with them for a special occasion at hand. They are out of the ordinary. They carry with them an element of surprise. They work well with all age groups, on all occasions, and are available in a myriad of options to choose from. Need we say more?

How to Order Piñata Cake at Cake Plaza?



You simply visit our website and place an order by looking at various piñata cakes on the shelves if you are short on time. If you wish to add a personal touch to the celebrations, we have got you covered. You can get in touch with our cake design experts who can then understand your requirements and expectations. Based on this, we then come up with a design that will go beyond your expectations.

Bottom Line

This is not a blink and you miss kind of a social media trend. It has caught the fancy of people and everybody has accepted it with arms wide open. Piñata cakes are here to stay and if you are missing out on fun, you should order a piñata cake straightaway to make your day as well as that of the receiver celebrating a special day.

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