Organizing a PUBG Themed Party? Here’s All You Need to Know

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go…” OR “Revive me, revive me…” are these the two phrases you hear the most from your loved ones while they are glued to their phone screens all day long? Well, you should be aware by now that they are smitten by the PUBG bug and there is no going back from there…


If you are planning on organizing a party for one of their special days like their birthday, anniversary, or any other milestone they might have achieved that calls for a blast, a PUBG themed celebration is the way to go. This article covers PUBG Themed Birthday party ideas and much more. You can actually organize a PUBG themed birthday party in a number of ways. If you are wondering how to get started organizing this party for a true blue PUBG fan, read on:


PUBG Birthday Invitation Ideas 

PUBG Birthday Cake 

A peppy invite is all you need to ensure the guests do not want to miss the party at any cost. PUBG is all about people getting together and competing in teams (albeit virtually). A PUBG themed party should be about these virtual friends coming together in real life, and a Customized Cake invite is all too need to get them all started.


Ensure them that even the losers get to feast on the Chicken Dinner and let an echo of excitement fill the air.


PUBG Birthday Entrance Ideas 

Amazing PUBG Birthday Cake 

If you can create an entrance that mimics the setup of the game, nothing gets better. You can follow simple DIY tips like hanging toy airplanes with players being dropped via parachutes etc. It is all about giving the guests an experience of getting inside the gaming arena. Another popular DIY decor tip is posters - right from the welcome screen of the game as well as various maps like Sanhok and Erangal etc.


To make the party all the more welcoming, you could also book the services of an event decorator.


PUBG Party Fun and Food Ideas

PUBG Party Fun and Food Ideas Galore


If you are organizing a PUBG themed Birthday Cakes for party, there ought to be fun activities around the theme too. You can create a real life PUBG game set up so the guests can entertain themselves. The winner gets Chicken Dinner; of course… the loot begins!


You could also set up a PUBG theme inspired Photo Booth. A photo booth has become a point of attraction at events off late. It helps people get gram worthy pictures, and they always hold on to such precious memories.


As far as food is concerned, there has to be a grand Chicken Dinner at a PUBG themed party. Adding espies le media-kits and grenade shaped food items also add to the character of the party.


 PUBG Birthday Flavours for the Guests

PUBG Return Gifts for the Guests 

If you have guests coming over, it is natural for you to also think of some game themed return gifts for them. What you pick to give will become a memorabilia of this fun outing for them, so make sure you get something that has it in it.


PUBG return gift ideas include car ornaments and accessories, backpacks, gaming joysticks, helmet, PUBG gear like a cellphone game trigger, PUBG artwork inspired posters and stickers, and camouflage pants etc.


PUBG Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Cake

Cake Ideas for PUBG Themed Birthday Party 

Last but definitely not the final stroke yet, has to be a cake when one discusses a party or a get together. No party ever seems to complete without a cake sitting pretty on the Centre table. And when we talk about a PUBG themed birthday party, a very special cake deserves a mention. In the present day and time, a PUBG themed cake idea can be easily executed if you come across the right baker.


The best bakers, like your very own Cake Plaza, always have a plethora of designs for you to choose from; however, if you have a PUBG themed cake design in mind, we are always at your service. If you are looking forward to customized PUBG theme cake online, all you need to do is, get in touch with us at Cake Plaza. We are one of the fastest growing cake platforms serving clients in Delhi NCR with bakery delights for over 5 years now. Get PUBG Themed Cake Online in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR smoothly and instantly. Order designer PUBG theme cake using our services and add that element of surprise to your themed parties, because all is well that cakes well!
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