Pull Me Up Cake is All You Need


Pull me up cake - also known as Tsunami Cake - has become the new obsession of bakers and netizens alike.

When the chocolate falls over the cake in a tsunami cake, it gives a ticketing sensation and this is what makes it an instant hit amongst cake lovers and baking enthusiasts.

This article covers all you need to know about a pull me up cake - what it is, when to order it, how to order a pull me up Cake Online, and the many varieties of a pull me up cake. 

What is a Pull Me Up Cake?

Pull me up cake is a cake trend that is here to stay for all the novelty is brings forth. A cake without any decked up frosting is covered with a sheet that goes above the cake. In this the liquid frosting - preferably chocolate - is filled.

On receiving the cake, all the person has to do is pull the sheet up. As the sheet goes up, the frosting falls down, covering the cake from all sides. When watching this slow motion effect live, the audience wishes to dig into the cake instantly. This fascination is what has made the cake super popular amongst one and all. 

Variety of Pull Me Up Cakes


Pull me up cake has become the first choice for people celebrating all kinds of occasions. Be it a child’s Birthday Cake or an adult’s birthday, there is a huge variety of pull me up cakes available out there. Designer pull me up cakes that carry with them a personal touch can also be made to order.

Cake Plaza brings to you a wide range of pull me up cake options to choose from. Listed here are some of the most popular tsunami cakes you can draw inspiration from:

- Chocolate Pull me up cake

- Coffee Pull me up cake

- Pull me up Doll Cake

- Chocolate butterscotch Pull me up cake

- Floral Pull me up cake

How to Bake a Pull Me Up Cake?

Baking a pull me up cake is no different than baking a normal cake. The process is almost the same, with a slight variation here and there.

Ensure that you measure all your ingredients to the T and follow the set of instructions thoroughly. No matter what, do not, we repeat DO NOT skip the cooling process.

Choose a food grade, BPA free plastic sheet for the cake. Once you get a hang of it, you can up the game and bake any pull me up cake, even the intricate pull me up Doll Cake.

How to Order a Pull Me Up Cake?


At Cake Plaza, ordering a pull me up cake is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is this: go through the popular designs available at our online portal and book one the suits your liking. If you have any other idea you wish to incorporate, you can get in touch with one of our expert cake designers online. Using this service, you can actually render a personal touch to your cake.

We undertake midnight as well as same day delivery for pulls me up Cakes in Delhi NCR.

Bottom Line

Pull me up cakes are here to stay for all the novelty and excitement they bring to the table. If you want to try something new on an upcoming occasion or a special someone’s big day, pull me up cake is the best thing ever.

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