Show your Love for India with Patriotic Republic Day Themed Cakes

Republic Day - The day when the constitution of India came into being in year 1950 - is just around the corner. It marks an important event in the history of the country as it made the nation a newly formed republic nation. Since then, every year, the Republic Day celebrations are held at the Raj path, New Delhi, where the dignitaries including the President of India gather for the event. Ceremonious parades are taken out as a tribute to India’s struggle with independence, its rich cultural heritage, and its idea of unity in diversity.


While the parade takes place on 26th January itself and is telecast live for the citizens to watch, many offices, organizations, schools, and other groups also celebrate this day with much pomp. Tricolor magic can be seen everywhere, right from the decoration to the food that follows. Talking about food, special Republic Day cakes have also become popular in recent times. People add these Birthday Cakes so all can come forward and gather round the table for cake cutting and get an extra patriotic punch.


If you too are wondering about organizing an event on this day and want to have a Republic Day themed cake included, this article contains various ideas that you should know before you take the final call.

Designer Cake


Republic Day Designer Cake


There is no dearth of options when it comes to Republic Day Designer Cakes. You could get the cake in any shape, be it round or square, any size, small or big or tier cake. Tricolor cakes that resemble the Indian Flag are the first choice. Some people go in for fondant cakes while others like to stick to buttercream cakes resembling the flag. Both the cake variants are highly popular for this day.


You could also go in for a plain cake with a miniature of the Indian Flag placed atop the cake. Mini cakes like cupcakes are also highly popular. For cakes that look basic on the outside, you could go in for a tricolor marble cake wherein the insides reveal the tricolor. You could choose from a variety of flavours depending on what the gathering constitutes, and what the majority may prefer, like a chocolate cake or a butterscotch cake, etc.

Photo  Cake


Republic Day Photo Cake


Photo cakes are liked by one and all. Generally, people add their life moments to these cakes while presenting to their loved ones. When talking about Republic Day photo cake, you could go ahead and get photos of those added that envisioned India as a republic nation decades ago and made this happen.


If you are organizing the Republic Day gathering at a large scale and have dignitaries invited, this is one of the nice cake ideas you could incorporate. By adding photos of the thought leaders during the great struggle, you pay your tribute to those who made sure India becomes a free country by all forms. Republic Day photo cake is for the select few that want to take it a step forward by bringing alive the moment from the country’s history. 

Republic Day Surprise Cake


Republic Day Surprise Cake


Surprise cake, also Piñata Cake, is a popular head turner cake that has taken the world by a storm. This cake, as the name suggests, comes with a surprise inside. Once you break the outer shell with a hammer that accompanies the cake, the actual cake is exposed. The outer layer is made using chocolate in this cake.


This is a unique cake idea that keeps the people hooked. It is also available in another variant where there is no hard shell. There is the cake that on being cut, gives out a surprise of sorts hidden in the inside layers. It could either be Cadbury Gems or mini Flags of the country that can later be distributed to all present. Such types of cakes are really liked by parties where there are kids involved as they always look forward to something more.

Republic Day Bomb Cake


Republic Day Bomb Cake 


Bomb cakes have become the talk of the town these days. They bring a unique drama to the table. Their look and presentation is unlike ordinary cakes. As the name suggests, a bomb cake comes inside a shell made to resemble a bomb. Once the shell explodes, the cake is exposed. Everybody, right from the kids to the adults, gets excited looking at this cake.


You could also get a Republic Day bomb cake and complete the party. The bomb shell, made of BPA grade plastic, can here also act as the reminder to the struggle that led to independence of the country, followed by it becoming a republic nation. Inside, you could go in for a yummy Republic Day themed cake that is simple to look at and yet very delicious to taste.

Themed Cake Delivery at Your Doorstep 

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