Sheesha Hookah Party Cake Range

Whenever some sort of a celebration is being planned, people’s most asked question is something along the lines of, “Where’s the cake?” or “What about the cake?” It does not always have to be an occasion like a birthday that calls for a cake-cutting ceremony. Sometimes, all you need is a cake to bring everybody together.

Here, you will see us talking about Hookah Cake Designs that are really popular with the youth. 

The popularity of hookah led to hookah-inspired cakes


Hookah, also known as Sheesha in some parts of the world, has been associated with leisurely activities for centuries. It is a really famous old tradition that has become a huge rage these days and hence, youngsters flock to hookah joints like hibernating birds coming back home. 

Ever-rising-popularity-of-hookah-cakeThe popularity of hookah joints and people’s love for hookah has made hookah seamlessly enter into other formats also. Hookah souvenirs are a popular keepsake the millennials gift each other sometimes. Some people also keep a fancy hookah as a decor piece in their homes. Similarly, these days, people have started ordering hookah-inspired cakes.

Fancy-a-sheesha-cake?Hookah-Themed Cakes, as the name suggests, are designed to resemble a full-fledged sheesha setup. This can be ordered in any size, color, and flavor as preferred by the one placing the order.

Types of hookah cakes to choose from


There is no dearth of variants when it comes to hookah cakes. If you are the desi type, there is a cake design reserved just for you: desi hookah cake design. For the ones who wish to recreate an entire setup, they can get more elaborate with their designs and order a real hookah cake design. It is a grand one, for sure. 

A simple hookah cake design is apt for you to go for if minimal is your cup of tea.

When can one order a hookah Cake?


While hookah cakes are generally ordered when friends get together for the birthday party of one from their group. Hookah Birthday Cakes are quite popular these days. Similarly, people also order them for school reunions (when only the ex-students gather without their teachers from the past!). School reunion hookah cakes can be made in large sizes so everyone gets to enjoy their heart’s fill. These days, a lot of people also prefer ordering hookah cakes for bachelor’s parties as well as bachelorette parties, given the groom-to-be or the bride-to-be love forming those hookah smoke ringlets. 

So, when you come to think of it, there is really no dearth of options when you can order a hookah-themed cake as a celebration cake.

This takes us to our next important topic.

The need For Celebration Cakes

The-need-for-celebration-cakesThere are many advantages of celebration cakes. Some of the more important reasons all of you too can agree with are listed here:

A cake helps make the event plans complete

A cake helps show someone you care

A cake simply doubles up as a beautiful dessert

A cake helps celebrate any event in style

A cake helps raise a toast to a personal occasion

A cake helps express your feelings in a sweet way 

When are you planning your next big celebration? Let us help you bring the perfect cake to the event at hand. Celebrate birthdays, new jobs, old friends, and Wedding Anniversaries With Special Cakes. A cake is a perfect way to enjoy any occasion that has a special meaning in your heart. Contact us today to start planning your celebration's perfect cake.

Designer-hookah-birthday-cakeIf you are looking for a hookah birthday cake, one that is an exact replica of a hookah and tastes well too, we are here at your service. The good part is that be it a desi hookah cake design, a real hookah cake, or a simple hookah cake design, we have it all, that too at unbelievable prices. Our hookah cake designs are loved by all our clients who order them from us for various occasions.

Talking about Cake Plaza is one of the fast-growing online cake delivery chains operating out of Gurgaon and serving happiness to clients all over Delhi NCR. Our strife to bake nothing but the best in terms of both aesthetics and taste has earned us loyal happy clients over all these years. Be it for personal events or corporate events, for big gatherings or small, private ones, we have a cake best suited for every occasion close to your heart. 

Cake-Plaza-at-your-serviceOver the years, and with support from our clients, we have not just refined our appetite for trendy cakes from all over the world but now also provide our clients with freshly handpicked flowers like roses, orchids, lilies, tulips, gerberas, and gifts hampers including chocolates, mithais, and soft toys.

You will further be glad to know that we undertake same-day cake deliveries as well as Midnight Cake Delivery all over Delhi NCR. This service sure helps save face in the event of forgetting someone’s special day like a birthday or an anniversary. This service is widely used by millennials when they wish to cheer someone up by surprising them with something sweet and special.

If you are looking for a hookah birthday cake or a hookah theme cake for any other event, you can sift through a range of hookah cake photos we have on our online portal. If in case you wish to share an exclusive cake design idea with us, our representatives are happy to hear it out and work on it to make your dream a reality.

So, when in doubt, visit our portal. Get in touch with us at the earliest to help us design a beautiful cake for an upcoming occasion in your life.

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