Sports Themed Birthday Cakes for an Adrenaline Rush

No matter how busy we get, we all have that one favourite sport we wish to pursue if time and other life situations permit. Some like sports like cricket, baseball, football etc. where high adrenaline is needed. Other have always like subtler games like hide and seek, and chase, etc. as these games take them down the memory lane. Not just adults, kids – for obvious reasons – are all about various games and sports. This article talks about sports themed cakes for their big day celebrations. No matter what sport or game a person is into – child or adult – a sports themed cake is always a welcome surprise. In today’s date and time, it has become fairly easy to sift through an amazing collection of sport cake designs and choose nothing but the best.

Sports Themed Birthday Cake


Birthdays are special in their own way. There is a variety of sports themed Birthday Cakes you can choose from. There are typical cakes like cricket stadium or football stadium birthday cakes and then there are not so typical cakes like yoga cake and snowboarding cake. All these cake varieties catch people’s fancy. If you are celebrating a child’s birthday and want to stick to a sports theme or don’t want the elaborate efforts of selecting a theme etc., just throw in a sports themed birthday cake and you are set to rock their world. Here goes the list of most popular sports themed designer cakes:

Football Stadium Cake


Whether they are all enthusiastic about football in general or a true blue supporter of a football team, there’s a cake made just for them. You can have a basic football stadium cake designed or also have players’ miniatures atop the cake. Having a Football Shaped Cake designed is also well received by one and all.

Soccer Ball Birthday Cake


As mentioned above, ball shaped cakes are well received by people. You can also have a soccer ball birthday designed for the soccer lover who is ready to compromise on anything in life but not on their soccer matches and soccer team outings. Flavours can be customised according to the taste preference of the receiver.

Tennis Racket Birthday Cake


The options are endless when it comes to sports themed birthday cakes. Tennis racket birthday cake is one of our specialties. It involves a lot of intricacies and getting it right is no child’s play. One thing we can assure you is that the receiver will be on cloud nine on receiving this tennis themed cake as a surprise on their big day.

Preppy Golf Birthday Cake


Golf is a sport not everyone is adept at and not everyone ever thinks of getting into. It is a sport meant for the class. If your sibling, friend, or partner is into Golf, you can impress them with our preppy golf birthday cake and make it a memorable day for them. This Designer Cake can be made in any flavour you prefer.

Cookie-Covered Basketball Birthday Cake

This is a themed birthday cake with a crunch. Cookie-Covered Basketball Birthday Cake is a regular basketball cake which you can order with a basketball net or without it. The specialty of this cake is the cookie crunch. Every single bite of the cake is relishing to taste.

Snowboarding Birthday Cake


India offers very limited snowboarding opportunities. Hence only a handful few of us get the luxury of snowboarding our way through winters. But having a snowboarding birthday cake is almost equally good, in this case. This cake is available in both fondant and buttercream variants. You can choose from a variety of flavours for a personal touch.

Simple Hockey Birthday Cake


Simple Hockey Birthday Cake is a popular cake design liked by many. It is a basic cake in a flavour of your liking. On the top of this lies an edible hockey stick miniature. Cute to look at, this cake comes out a relish. You can order this hockey birthday cake for a friend, sibling, or your partner if they are into hockey, big time.

Cricket stadium sports cake design


What does a cricket fan dream of apart from bat, ball, pads, and stump? Being a part of a giant cricket stadium, of course. While getting them a ticket to a live match in a stadium is a matter of chance, you can sure get them a Cricket Stadium Sports Cake on their birthday and make it a day for them. Flavours can be customised.

Yoga sports cake design


Goodness of yoga, on a cake? Oh, yes! Be it a yoga fanatic or a yoga newbie, surprising them with a yoga sports cake design is the best bet. The miniature on the top can be arranged in any yoga pose the person most relates to. Our most popular yoga cakes include poses like prayer pose, tree pose, camel pose, lotus pose, and shoulder stand.

Not just another birthday, you can make it a memorable day for a special someone by thinking slightly out of the box. Sports themed birthday cakes are really popular as they add character to parties. Online customised cake delivery becomes a smooth ride with Cake Plaza – your very own trusted cake portal. Order online
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