Surprise Box Cake - A Box Full of Memories



Birthday Cake and other special events are all about grand celebrations. A starter pack that is doing the rounds of the digital world these days is a surprise box cake. It helps kick start a party by adding an element of surprise to it. For the receiver specially, it is something that will forever be etched in their heart and mind.


Now, what exactly is this mysterious surprise box cake?

As the name suggests, surprise box cake is a combo pack of a cake that comes in a box that can be used to store other mini surprise gifts. 

It is a box made of hard cardboard and it has various compartments inside. One of the compartments is for the cake and the other ones are for various gifts. The box comes decked with fairy lights for a magical effect. It is available in numerous sizes, the most common size being 8X8X8.

Opening a Surprise Box Cake

Now opening a Surprise Box Cake is quite a sight worth looking at. The receiver is supposed to untie the ribbon and then gradually open one side of the box followed by the other side, revealing all of its inside contents.


When the box is wide open, the fairy lights take the attention on to them. Then the eyes move to the Designer Cake sitting pretty on the top shelf of the box.

Generally, a person first goes through all the contents of the box before proceeding with cake cutting. In this case too, the next step is opening the drawer in the surprise box - placed just below the cake compartment. This box contains various tiny gifts. The examples of what you can choose to place in this compartment are suggested in the next section here. Read on to get some creative ideas.

What Goes Inside a Surprise Box Cake

While the size of the drawer inside the surprise box is a limitation, your creativity should not be limited. There is a lot you can do with the surprise gift planning even with a small sized drawer. We have tried to compile a list of certain things you can add to this space to call it all yours. These things are:


Photo Prints

Homemade cookies

Handmade Chocolates

Assorted Candies




Engagement Ring

Baby Socks

Tie and Cufflinks

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Seeds

Hair Accessories

The list is seemingly endless when it comes to choosing a gift that goes inside the surprise box. You can customize the box as per your liking or that of the receiver. The box colour as well as the gift inside - all of this can be customized to your preference. A single tier cake of your choice of design and flavour is also placed inside. While you cannot put the cake topper while the cake is inside the closed box, you can put it on top after opening the box.


A surprise box cake is not just a cake. It is a treasure full of memories. If you are planning it for a sibling, you can arrange candies like Hajmola, fat fat, Aam papad, eclairs candy, boomer, stickers, and stuff like that to take them down on a memory lane. As you can see, it is all about making memories and the best way to do that is surprise them with lovely things.

You can now order surprise box cake from Cake Plaza at reasonable prices. We offer cakes and gifts as well as the box as per your instructions. Present this box to a love one and they will fall in love with your thoughtfulness.

Talk to us today to place an order of our exclusive Surprise Box Cake and get started preparing for the big day ahead. We also undertake Midnight Cake Delivery and same day delivery of our exclusive cakes, flowers, and irresistible gift combos.

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