Celebrate Holi with Delicious Special and Colourful Cake

The festival of colours - Holi - is just around the corner. People are getting ready with their set of colours, gathering invites, gulal, relishing menus, Holi playlists, and whatnots to make the occasion memorable. Everyone wants to outdo the other with their ideas for the festival, be it at home or at work. So, what can you do to make this year’s Holi a special one - one people will talk about for years to come?


How about bringing in an extra dose of sweetness to the Holi festivities in the form of Holi cakes? 

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Holi Cakes

Every occasion calls for grand celebrations, and Holi is no exception. While this is a comparatively new trend, Holi cakes are fast gaining popularity. In offices, when the team gathers for mini office Holi celebrations, a cake brings everyone together. At home Holi parties too, Holi inspired cakes to give people a talking point and also add novelty to the entire experience. This is what has made people realise the importance of Holi themed cakes.


Today, there are numerous options for one to choose from when it comes to designer Holi cakes.


Send Colourful Holi Cakes

Holi Cakes


Bright and sweet - that is what the festival Holi is about and that is what the Holi cake brings to the table too.


For the office party, a Holi poster cake is the best option out there. You can choose from basic off the shelf cakes like rainbow cake or ask the baker to design a cake with a personal touch for you. If you wish to surprise your family, you can go in for a Holi themed photo cake.


For the fancy ones out there, there is a fusion cake option that goes by the name motichoor laddoo cheesecake that has the potential to become anyone’s favourite in the first bite itself.


If you wish to reflect the Holi spirit on the cake, you can order from a range of options like gujiya flavoured cake, thandai flavoured cake, and thandai mawa cake, among others.


Happy Holi Photo Cake

Down the Memory Lane 

If you are having a family gathering this Holi, here is how you can take them down memory lane… A Happy Holi Photo Cakes is a speciality cake that consists of your favourite photo on the top of the cake in edible ink so you can enjoy the sweetness of the cake along with a nostalgic trip down memory lane. You can get this cake in any flavour, shape, and size of your choice.


Holi Poster Cake 


This might sound intriguing, but this has become the most popular Holi cake of late. A Holi poster cake is nothing but a basic cake that has a Holi inspired caricature on the top. When you Google Holi, you get various colourful results around cartoons. Whatever you like out of that can become your cake design. Happy Holi slogans and a splash of colour make this cake an obvious choice for Holi.


Motichoor Ladoo Cheesecake


Talk about Indian festivities big and small, and you cannot skip motichoor laddoos from the festivities. These laddoos are the evergreen Indian sweet almost everyone falls in love with instantly. The good thing is that you can now have this delicacy in the form of a cheesecake too. Yes, this Holi, bring home motichoor laddoo cheesecake and let everyone be taken aback by surprise.


Rainbow Cake


Holi is all about colours red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and many more. So, why not order a colourful rainbow cake this time around? As the name suggests, this cake is all about an extra dose of colour on the inside as well as outside of the cake. Add more colour to your Holi festivities with a tower rainbow cake that is available in various shapes and sizes.


Gujiya Flavoured Cake


And when you thought gujiya prices were soaring high, you got another Holi surprise in the form of gujiya flavoured cake. This cake, as the name suggests, is based on a speciality sweet (gujiya - a crispy and juicy Indian sweet) most of us wait for Holi for. With a gujiya Flavoured Cakes, you get to enjoy the cake cutting ceremony as well as the sweetness of this famous dessert.


Thandai Cake


We all wait an entire year for the festival of colours- Holi. This festival is also about thandai - a simpler version of otherwise strong bhaang. Thandai is also had on this occasion to mark the onset of the summer season ahead. How about taking another step to the thandai sessions by bringing in a thandai cake this Holi? Are you too surprised with this cake flavour?


Thandai Mawa Cake


Excitement for the Holi festivities is for real. Splash of colour here and there, sweets galore, and glasses full of thandai - these are what constitute the bare essentials of this festival of colours. For the ones who dare, a cake injects next level of excitement to the festivities. If you are the one but you don’t know where to start, you can pick a thandai mawa cake - a thandai flavoured cake with real mawa toppings.


Special Holi Cake Delivery in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

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