Top 10 Cake Flavours and Ideas For All Occasions Online in Gurgaon

A popular saying goes like this: “A party without a cake is just another meeting”. This is very much true as a cake-cutting ceremony brings all people to the centre table together. We can say that every occasion deserves a cake to make the occasion more special.

So, are you looking for the Best Online Cake in Gurgaon but don’t know what may work and what will look like an absolute blunder?

Well, here is a specially curated list of trending cake favours in India. Right from basic cakes to exotic ones, this list majorly covers it all. Events that you can celebrate with these cakes are wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, birthday parties, retirement days, baby showers, and many more.

Chocolate Flavor Cake

A chocolate flavour cake completely tops the list of favourites among people of all age groups. While there are basics such as Belgian chocolate cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake, varieties such as hazelnut chocolate cake, chocolate mud cake, chocolate fruit cake, and choco chip cake, can also be ordered for a dash of uniqueness. 

Photo Cakes in Favourite Flavour


Special occasions require special cakes. The main idea behind these cakes is the unforgettable memory they help create. Online Photo Cakes in the flavour you like most are popular for this very reason. All you need to do is share a picture that is most close to your heart and you can get that printed on the cake in edible ink. On receiving such a cake, the receiver is sure to thank you for this thoughtfulness of yours. 

Candy And Fruit Flavor Cake

Another highly popular cake flavour that comes to mind has to be candy and fruit flavour cake. While candy-flavoured cakes are relatively pretty new, they have made an instant connection with kids. Fruit-flavoured cakes have been around for years now. Fresh fruit cakes are loved because of the colourful assortment of exotic fruits they provide. Similarly, dried fruit cakes are equally famous as their shelf life is longer. 

Variety Of Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake has always maintained a class of lovers. Not everybody can appreciate the creamy taste of this lovely red cake but for people who once eat a nicely baked red velvet cake, there seems to be no going back for them. It is one of the preferred cakes for a romantic evening. The reason is simple. This is a red-coloured delicate cake. When baked in a heart shape, it becomes the best sweet for a romantic evening with your partner. Be it a wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day or love anniversary, this cake has to be there.

Coffee Cake Flavor

Looking for something chocolatey but not as strong as a rich chocolate cake? Well, a coffee cake flavour is what you can order to satiate that desire. It is mildly flavoured to give you the kick you derive from coffee yet is not as overwhelming as a chocolate cake may appear to some. You can go in for a coffee-flavoured buttercream cake or a Coffee-Flavoured Fondant Cake or even a coffee-flavoured mousse cake. This cake flavour is popular with gatherings of young adults rather than kids as parents are not too keen on serving their kids coffee-induced cakes.

Rasmalai Cake Flavour


Aiming for something unheard of when it comes to choosing a cake for someone born with a sweet tooth? Well, here comes a fusion cake in the form of a ras malai cake. Rasmalai cake is for the true blue sweet enthusiasts who love to experiment with desserts. It is rightly known as a fusion cake as it combines the western concept of a cake with a favourite Indian dessert - ras malai. It is majorly ordered for parties organised in honour of seniors.

Floral Tier Cake with Butterscotch Flavour


For a large gathering, a tiered cake comes in handy as it can feed many people in one go. Floral-tier cakes are popular during weddings. If you like the crunch and sweetness offered by butterscotch-flavoured cakes, you can marry the two and order a floral tier cake in butterscotch flavour. Freshly handpicked flowers of your choice sitting pretty atop a tiered cake in pale yellow or caramel brown hint of butterscotch give the occasion an instant boost.

Customized Cakes with Different Flavours


Think of a superhero cake or a Barbie doll cake for your little ones to surprise them on their birthday. Or a gym-themed cake or a Makeup-Themed Cake for someone you adore? Or a Rakhi-themed cake for the siblings’ gathering at your home on Raksha Bandhan? We all need specially designed cakes for such occasions. Customised cakes in different flavours really up the game as they reflect thoughtfulness to a great extent. Moreover, you can introduce any flavour of your choice and impress the receiver as well as the people gathered at the party. Theme-based cakes with many flavours can inject an element of magic into parties.

Broken Egg Chocolate Cake


This cake is as simple as the name suggests. It is a chocolate cake designed to resemble an egg broken in two on the cake. It is a fairly new Cake concept and is being loved by the millennials. The demand for this cake increases manifolds during Easter time. As now the youth gathers to celebrate Easter, this cake type has become popular.

Piñata cake

Social media has made the world a small place. Earlier, ideas and concepts would take ages to travel far and wide. Today, however, the advancement of technology has led to ideas and concepts travelling far and wide more quickly than ever. The same has happened in the world of cakes also. Piñata cakes have become the talk of the town of late. These cakes carry with them an element of surprise as well as uniqueness as they don’t require a knife to be cut initially. Breaking the shell apart to reveal the surprise hidden inside is what has led to Pinata Cake's huge demand all over.

If you are looking for eggless cakes, there’s help at your disposal. For the Best Flavour Cake Delivery in Gurgaon, you can get in touch with us at Cake Plaza. We have a wide range of trending cakes as well as forever classics for you to choose from. No matter what the occasion, there is always a good cake waiting to be devoured. We help bring you the cake so you can turn any evening into a sweet, memorable one.
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