You Entire Valentine Week is Covered with Cute and Yummy Cakes

Valentine’s Day - Celebrated every year on 14th February, is just around the corner. It is the anticipation of the big day that keeps us all on our toes, isn’t it? The week leading up to Valentine’s Day is now celebrated as a week of love in almost all parts of the world. This Valentine’s week marks the celebration of love, where each day denotes a special meaning. For starters, the list of the days for this year goes as:

Rose Day - 7th February
Propose Day - 8th February
Chocolate Day - 9th February
Teddy Day - 10th February
Promise Day - 11th February
Hug Day - 12h February
Kiss Day - 13th February
Valentine’s Day - 14th February

As you can see, the whole week celebrates special moments of love on each day. If you are in a relationship with someone, this is the best time of the year to reveal to them all the affection you have in heart for them. If you are still trying to gather courage to let the person know of your love, this week is the finest opportunity you will get in a year.

Let’s talk about the significance of each day and how you can make each of these days count this Valentine’s week.

Add Rose Day Cakes to Your List of Gifts This Valentine Season
Gentle Flower Day Themed Cake

It all begins with Rose Day, where partners shower each other with fragrant, freshly handpicked roses. You can take it a step forward by also adding a Rose Day Cake by Cake Plaza. Wondering where you could get rose day cakes in Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR? Cake Plaza has got your rose day Special Cake needs covered. You can choose from a wide range of designs or share with us your own creative genius and place an order for a beautiful rose day cake for your love. Fresh floral cakes are also quite a rage on this day. Here, you can choose the cake flavors as well as flowers, based on your or your partner’s preferences. When are you ordering yours for the first day of the week of love?

Impress Your Loved One with a Propose Day Cake

Express Thy Love with a Propose Day Cake

If you are yet to propose them for a relationship or if you are looking to propose them for marriage, taking a step forward in the relationship, Propose Day falls on the second day of the Valentine Week. How about making the most of this day? Let’s add a Propose Day Cake to the celebrations, what do you think? Propose day cakes can be had in a plethora of designs, depending on what you are seeking. You could order a piñata cake with a simple message of love hidden inside, or you could also place an engagement ring inside the cake if marriage is on your mind. When it comes to Valentine proposal cakes, there is no dearth of propose day cake online.

It’s Chocolate Day, Calling all Chocoholics for Chocolate Cake

Rich Chocolate Day Cake Fantasy

This day should just not be limited to couples in love celebrating Valentine’s week, since there are many takers for tasty chocolates. No matter if the person has a sweet tooth or not, mostly everybody loves chocolates. So, why not extend this day to everyone and celebrate with a heavenly Chocolate Day Cake? Looking for a chocolate cake online in Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR? We at Cake Plaza have got your needs covered. We have curated a special list of Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cakes for the love birds. This time, we have also incorporated special mash-up flavors like Chocolate red-velvet valentine cute cakes to the list for couples who do not shy away from experimenting.

Express Your Love with a Teddy Day Cake

Giant Teddy Day Cakes

A lot of us out here love soft, cute, and mushy teddy bears. This day, that falls on the third day of the Valentine week, is for all those teddy bear enthusiast partners. If the love of your life loves having teddy bears around, you need to put a lot of thought to this day and make it memorable for them. How about scoring the best teddy day cake in Gurgaon, Delhi, or NCR? You will of course get them a giant teddy bear, but to take it a step ahead, adding a mouth-watering teddy day cake will certainly add sparks. There are many designer teddy day cakes available out there. You could even share your own idea and get a cake designed according to that for a personal touch.

Valentine's Promise Day Cakes Online for Your Love


Next comes Promise Day, the fifth day of the Valentine week and certainly the most special one. It is not about any gifts and surprise, but silent promises of always being by one’s side. It is the day couples look forward to as making and keeping promises is the most important part of any relationship. For the ones celebrating Promise Day, Cake Plaza has crafted special Promise Day cakes to keep you company. There are many designs available for this cake that can be had in fondant as well as buttercream options. Order Promise Day Cake online and surprise your loved one with your promise and a sweet dessert in the form of a Valentine Promise Day Cake.

Hug & Kiss Themed Cakes - Hugs, Kisses and Cakes Can Make the Week Super Special

Delicate Hug and Kiss Day Cakes
Leading up to Valentine’s Day and just after Promise Day, come very romantic days of the Valentine Week - Hug Day and Kiss Day. While you do what you got to do on these two days, we have got a special plan for you to make it further romantic with your partner. You could choose from a variety of delicate hug and kiss day cakes available out there and take along when going to meet the special someone of your life. There are endless designs available when we talk about these cute cakes for cute moments. You could choose from a wide range of flavors and bring a wide smile on the face of your partner - a smile that is reserved just for you!

Valentine Specialty Cake for Your Love


Valentine’s Day - The day lovers eagerly wait for the entire year - comes in ringing bells loud and clear. What are your plans for the big day? We have got you covered with amazing Valentine's Day Cakes, the best accompaniment to all that you have thought and planned for this day. The most special cakes are reserved for this most special day - Valentine’s Day. The most popular ones are certainly Cupid love themed cakes. These days, Piñata cakes are being loved by one and all. This has made Valentine hidden heart-shaped cakes a big craze all over the world. This cake type is the one where you could slip in a secret love message for your partner, taking their excitement levels to cloud nine and beyond.

Make the most of this week by showering them with all the love and affection you have in heart for them. Log on to Cake Plaza today and order a specialty of each day from us for the upcoming week of love. We take same day delivery orders as well as midnight delivery orders, ensuring your message never fails to reach the person within time. It is about time that you visited Cake Plaza online portal... Start ordering, start spreading love! S
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