Valentine’s Day Cakes and Flowers to Drool Over

Valentine’s Day, a highly revered day that celebrates love and people in love, is just around the corner. It is also considered an apt day for people to propose to the love of their life to take the relationship ahead and tie the knot to become one forever. This day is a western concept but has been warmly welcomed in every nook and corner of India as it is all about spreading and making merry around the very feeling of love and being loved. People, especially couples, and various organizations, celebrate this day in different ways. One thing that remains the same is a Valentine’s Day Cake. While it is a must-have in any celebration, its relevance increases manifold when it comes to this special day.


Let’s take you through an endless range of valentine’s cakes for special couples.


Chocolate marble hearts cake comes first to mind because of the chocolate flavor creating a dancing impact all over. Molded to resemble hearts, such cakes top the list when it comes to designing Valentine’s special designer-themed cakes.


Plain buttercream cake is the best option for those couples who want to keep simple and just enjoy the day being in the company of each other without much hoola. The sweetness of the cake adds to the overall vibe of the special day.


Candy cane peppermint cake is for couples who don’t shy away from experimenting with new and bold stuff out there. Its sweetness is perfectly complemented by the capsaicin effect of peppermint, a unique and never heard cake flavor.


Strawberry truffle cake is popular because it brings two of every person’s favorites together: strawberries and heavenly chocolate truffles. It is a highly recommended cake for Valentine’s Day as a combination of these two flavors is a no-brainer.


Valentine pops special cute cake is another exclusively designed cake for this occasion of love. Be it hearts popping out of the cake or a colorful collection of photos or rich, handmade chocolates, ordering this cake on Valentine’s Day can help you plan the surprise in an exciting way.


Valentine hidden heart-shaped cake can be chosen by couples who consider all is fair when it comes to love. It is mostly a piñata cake that boasts of a hidden message or a gift like a ring. Someone looking to propose their partner or a person they like can use this cake as a bowl to hide a proposal message or a ring, and voila!


Cupid love-themed cakes have carved a special place in people’s hearts today. Be it a made-to-order Valentine’s proposal cake or a nicely done Valentine’s flavored cake, in exotic, unheard-of combinations such as Eggless Red Velvet Cake with Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting, Raspberry Pretzel Crunch Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Blackberry Cake, and Chocolate Raspberry Swiss Cake, among other such out of the world amalgamations, Valentine customized designer cakes are quite a thing.


When talking about Valentine’s Day, how can we not mention flowers? Freshly handpicked flowers?


Flowers have now evolved hugely from just a humble rose to myriad arrangements of exotica such as orchids, gerberas, lilies, tulips, and the likes. Roses are still, and will always remain, a favourite as they speak the language of love like no other.


Cake and flowers combos sell like hot cakes during the season of love. You can pick them up individually or choose from coordinated combos available online. Pre made combos are made to look similar and they generally follow a theme. Having a beautiful flower arrangement by the side really accentuates the happiness brought by a romantic cake for Valentine’s Day.


Whether you are looking for a Valentine’s cake or a cake and flower combo online, Cake Plaza is the answer to all your prayers. Cake Plaza, for starters, is an online cake portal that specializes in not just customized cakes for a range of occasions but also flowers and combos for special occasions in your life.


Valentine Cake and Flower Delivery

If you have already placed an order for the big day, we are happy for you. If you are still confused about how to make the day special for the love of your life, Cake Plaza is here to help. We are accepting Valentine’s Cake and Flower Delivery across Delhi NCR . Visit our online portal or get in touch with one of our helpful representatives to sort out the Valentine’s Day cake and flower combo plan in a budget that suits you. Think beautifully crafted cakes, think Cake Plaza!

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