Fault Line Cakes for an Exceptional Effect


Fault Line - a concept we all read about in our geography class in school - seems to have widened its horizon. It has entered a space no one would ever have imagined.

Fault line cakes are taking the world on the internet as well as off it by a storm. True to its definition in geography terms, a fault line cake boasts of a ‘fault line’ that hold stuff like buttercream, chocolate chips, pralines, fresh flowers as well as fondant flowers, blossoms, treats, confetti, and so much more.

Designer and customised fault line cakes by Cake Plaza are taking Delhi NCR events by a surprise, and for what reason shouldn't they?

Let’s talk about a wide range of fault line cakes available at Cake Plaza. While going through the list, don’t forget that this is just a small peak into what all we do, and we gladly take customization orders as well.

Cookie Crumb Fault Line Cake

As the name suggests, this one is all about a generous serving of buttercream followed by cookie sod your choice. Freshly homemade cookies take the experience to new levels. You can add cookies to the insides also instead of just limiting them to the sides and the top of this beautiful, beautiful cake.

Rainbow Fault Line Cake

A brightly coloured rainbow fault line cake is about VIBGYOR coming to play for unbelievable aesthetics. Atop the rainbow tones in the middle, you can get the message like Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary etc. engraved. To take it to the next level altogether, you can get rainbow confetti or Gems added atop the rainbow colors.

Sprinkle Fault Line Cake

Cover any basic cake with confetti and what you get is pure magic. Add confetti to a fault line cake and you take the wonder element to an unmatchable level. Going by its very name, this cake is about sprinkles and shimmers that cover the middle side of the cake, giving it a unique touch. An absolute companion for for a birthday evening!

Chocolate Fault Line Cake

Chocolate cake in any form is loved by one and all. A chocolate fault line cake takes the experience to an all new level. While a basic chocolate fault line cake is very popular, you can go a little outlandish and also add chocolate chips, pralines, cream and chocolate syrup, and what not to a chocolate fault line cake. This is apt for an event consisting for youngsters who have a unique relationship with chocolates.

Floral Fault Line Cake

Freshly handpicked flowers as well as fondant flowers emerging from the sides of a fault line cake are surely a head turner. Dried and edible flower petals are also being liked by people on the fault line cakes these days. This type of a cake has become a first choice for people looking to have a wedding cake or a marriage anniversary cake.

Boshoff Fault Line Cake

For this cake, you start with endless layers of rich chocolate cake, a liberal filling of chocolate buttercream combined with Boshoff spread, and complete it with yummy Boshoff treats on the top as well as the sides! This cake tastes as wonderful as it looks. It is great for any evening, and is preferred for high tea events as well.

Strawberry Fault Line Cake

One glance at this cake and your heart with vacillate like a butterfly. Mostly available in a flushed pink colour, this cake comprises of succulent strawberries on the sides, inner parts, as well as on the top - something you would need to return to constantly. This strawberry fault line cake is an ideal ally for a heartfelt evening with your accomplice.

Fault line cake with Isomalt

While a fault line cake in itself is an out of the world creation, combining it with the super trendy Isomalt cake topping takes the experience and the excitement to an untouched level. These days, customised fault line cakes with Isomalt topping are being ordered by one and all for the uniqueness they bring to the table. They can be had in any flavours and design.

While this is a starter list, the real list goes on and on, depending on your creativity. Whatever idea you have can be converted into a fault line cake to match the overall theme of the big day.

Order Fault Line Cake Online in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

If you are looking to place an online order for fault line cake in Delhi NCR for an upcoming occasion, you have landed at the right page. Cake plaza brings to you a wide range of freshly baked fault line cakes of international standards in no time.

At Cake Plaza, we guarantee the most delectable fault line cakes for various occasions. Cover every one of your events with a scope of cakes by one and only Cake Plaza!

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