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Simply Red Love

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Rs. 649.00
Rs. 499.00

Product Highlights 12 Red RosesWrapped in Red Paper PackingTied with Red Ribbon Product Summary A soothing gift is well-appreciated by one and a...

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Hello Beauty

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from Rs. 799.00

Product Highlights      No. of stems: 8 Packing: Yellow Paper Packing Product Summary Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say. If a beau...

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red-velvet-heart-shape-cake-Cadbury-chocolates-with-pink-color-roses-bouquet Sale

Cheerful Hamper

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from Rs. 999.00

Product Highlights      Red Velvet Heart Shape Cake 12 Pink Roses in Cellophane Packing 2 SIlk Chocolates Product Summary The best way to tell ...

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red-roses-bouquet-with-chocolate-round-shape-cake Sale

Deluxe Hamper

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from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights 12 Red RosesRed Paper PackingRed RibbonCake Flavour: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and AboveShapes Availa...

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Orchid Love

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Rs. 749.00
Rs. 549.00

Obtain a sigh of support after looking this astonishing bunch of purple orchids achieved in this bouquet! 6-stem purple orchids are wrapped pleasin...

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bunch-of-orchid-with-chocolate-round-shape Sale


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from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights: 6 Orchid BunchWrapped in White paper with Blue RibbonCake Flavour: Chocolate Type of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and Ab...

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Vase Of Love

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Rs. 1,149.00
Rs. 699.00

Product Contains:8 Red Roses10 Dairy Milk of 12.5 gm1 Glass Vase Product Summary If you are planning to surprise the one who loves chocolates and f...

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Rainbow Roses

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Rs. 999.00
Rs. 799.00

Product Highlights 30 Mix roses in White Paper WrappingWrapped in Pink PaperTied with Pink Beautiful Ribbon Product Summary The major reason beh...

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1200 Roses Bouquet

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Rs. 44,549.00
Rs. 42,549.00

Product Highlights Bunch of 1200 Red Roses Product Summary Love knows no measures. 1200 Rose Bouquet – as the name suggests – contains love in eve...

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Carnival Of Roses

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Rs. 849.00
Rs. 649.00

Product Highlights 4 Red Roses 4 White Roses, 4 Pink RosesSeasonal Green FillerA Glass Vase Product Summary Dance to the tunes of a myriad selec...

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you-are-unforgettable-cake-plaza Sale

You are Unforgettable

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from Rs. 1,649.00

Product Highlights 5 Red Carnation, 5 Pink Roses, 2 LiliesCake Flavour: Chocolate Wrapped in Red paper with Pink RibbonType of Cake: CreamWeight A...

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flowers-bouquet-with-chocolate-cake-and-small-teddy Sale

Devine Flora

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from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights 10 Pink Carnation in Pink Paper PackingCake Flavour: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and AboveShapes Availa...

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Cherry Hawaiian Cake Sale

Cherry Hawaiian Cake

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from Rs. 599.00

Product Highlights Cake Flavours: AllType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500 gm and AboveShapes Available: Round and Heart-ShapedServes 5-7 peopl...

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Hearty Crunch Cake Sale

Hearty Crunch Cake

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from Rs. 899.00

Product Summary A buttercream cake with edges covered in butterscotch crunch and the top decked up in rich butterscotch syrup, this one is a speci...

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Love U Sweetheart Save 24%

Love U Sweetheart

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 2,549.00
Rs. 1,949.00

If you are deeply and madly in love with your sweetheart from the bottom of your hear, but trying to express it in a different way; then this speci...

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Perfect N Elegance

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 5,849.00
Rs. 5,249.00

Serene beauty reflects through this amazing tall arrangement of majestic flowers. This arrangement can be the definition of elegance and perfectnes...

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 vase-of-elegance-cake-plaza Save 14%

Vase of Elegance

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 2,999.00

A collection of the most choicest flowers for your loved ones, this vase is a graceful representation of love and happiness together with 30 red ro...

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Mixed Lily in Vase

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,949.00
Rs. 1,549.00

Send your heartiest greetings to celebrate a birthday or anniversary by choosing our 6 mixed lilies such as yellow, pink, and orange fully bloomed ...

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dazzling-yellow-and-pink-flowers Save 16%

Dazzle Flower

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 3,199.00
Rs. 2,699.00

Product Highlight30 Pink Roses and 5 White Asiatic LiliesA Square Glass Vase Product Summary A combination that is perfect for all occasions and al...

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Flowers have been used as a means of emotional communication and they have played a major role throughout human history for the same. If you too believe in the idea of gifting flowers, you will be glad to know that your go-to florist is now available online. Here, we talk in detail about the meaning of gifting flowers and their significance in various cultures.

For more than a hundred years is the mankind (more so the womankind!) using flowers to best express a myriad of their emotions. Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Chinese myths and stories refer to flowers in one form or the other. However, it was during the period 1837-1901 - England’s Victorian Era that led to a rise in, and gave way to, a specific language of flowers.

A bit of history for the history buffs we are sure must be elated to know this: Floriography – we know is the language of flowers, but did you know why it was developed? It was developed as a form of communication at a time where it was not deemed appropriate, polite, or proper etiquette for an individual to fully express their emotions in front of another being.

Floriography dictionaries consist of official flower meanings. But truth be told, different flowers have different meanings and symbolism in different parts of the world. What remains same is the reason we gift flowers to one another. The universal reason we present flowers to friends and family on various occasions is to communicate and further our connection with one another.


Exchange of flowers in Japan has traditional roots. Apart from social events like birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming ceremonies and the likes, Japanese like to strengthen the bond by exchanging gifts even when they come back from a trip. While exchanging gifts might not be that tricky a game, flower gifting is a different thing altogether.

When in Japan, the type and color of the flower can greatly alter its meaning. For instance, floral gifts are customary in Japan, meant for the sick. It is very popular to give flowers when someone is in the hospital as well, but in this case, please refrain from handing out potted plants. They are deemed offensive as it could mean the illness will worsen by taking a “deeper root.”

To avoid giving the wrong flower, follow the following helpful hints on Japanese flowers and their meanings. We’ve covered the basics below too.

What to Choose:

Red roses for romance

Red carnations for familial love or for mothers

White flowers for mourning

Bluebells for gratitude

Iris for good news and glad tidings

Sunflowers for adoration and loyalty



Gifting in Egypt goes back to the days of the pyramids and pharaohs. Today, while people indulge in the act of exchanging gifts, they have toned the entire concept down a lot and now they have a place and time for when they should be given. People generally take along a gift wrapped in paper when visiting someone’s home and the host is expected to open the gifts later.

Floral gifts in Egypt should only be given to the sick, at a funeral/ time around it, or as a wedding gift. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to choose a gift for an Egyptian wedding or funeral, follow through the guide below to understand what type of flowers and arrangements are customary during such occasions.

What to Choose:

For a funeral, a floral basket arrangement is the right pick and bright colors to reflect the personality of the passed loved one is common

Sending a floral arrangement, a week or so after the funeral is very special as it shows you are thinking of them and their loss

For wedding ceremonies, water lilies, roses, iris, and chrysanthemum are common as gifts as they can easily be found in Egypt



Gifting in Ghana is not a formal thing. People like to focus on the thought behind the gift rather than looking at the price tag. One is not required to carry a gift along when visiting someone home on dinner. On receiving a gift wrapped in wrapping paper, the receiver is expected to save it for later and not start opening it right away while the sender is still present.

Ghana as a culture is closely tied to nature and Mother Earth. This is the main reason why flowers are always loved. While flowers are always welcome as gifts, certain types do have certain meanings associated to them, so be sure that you choose the right one. Here are a few kinds you can give.

What to Choose:

Daffodils signify rebirth and are great for those making new beginnings

Red roses for love and passion

Yellow roses for joy

Daisies for innocence and cheerfulness

Calla lilies signify great beauty (an excellent gift for a girlfriend or wife)

Sunflowers mean loyalty and longevity


The list of cultural differences is endless. Choose wisely. Get in touch with Cake Plaza – Best Florist in Gurgaon Online. Happy flower gifting!

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