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Simply Red Love

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Rs. 649.00
Rs. 499.00

Product Highlights 12 Red RosesWrapped in Red Paper PackingTied with Red Ribbon Product Summary A soothing gift is well-appreciated by one and a...

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Hello Beauty

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from Rs. 799.00

Product Highlights      No. of stems: 8 Packing: Yellow Paper Packing Product Summary Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say. If a beau...

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red-velvet-heart-shape-cake-Cadbury-chocolates-with-pink-color-roses-bouquet Sale

Cheerful Hamper

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from Rs. 999.00

Product Highlights      Red Velvet Heart Shape Cake 12 Pink Roses in Cellophane Packing 2 SIlk Chocolates Product Summary The best way to tell ...

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red-roses-bouquet-with-chocolate-round-shape-cake Sale

Deluxe Hamper

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from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights 12 Red RosesRed Paper PackingRed RibbonCake Flavour: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and AboveShapes Availa...

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Orchid Love

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Rs. 749.00
Rs. 549.00

Obtain a sigh of support after looking this astonishing bunch of purple orchids achieved in this bouquet! 6-stem purple orchids are wrapped pleasin...

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bunch-of-orchid-with-chocolate-round-shape Sale


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from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights: 6 Orchid BunchWrapped in White paper with Blue RibbonCake Flavour: Chocolate Type of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and Ab...

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Vase Of Love

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Rs. 1,149.00
Rs. 699.00

Product Contains:8 Red Roses10 Dairy Milk of 12.5 gm1 Glass Vase Product Summary If you are planning to surprise the one who loves chocolates and f...

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Rainbow Roses

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Rs. 999.00
Rs. 799.00

Product Highlights 30 Mix roses in White Paper WrappingWrapped in Pink PaperTied with Pink Beautiful Ribbon Product Summary The major reason beh...

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1200 Roses Bouquet

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Rs. 44,549.00
Rs. 42,549.00

Product Highlights Bunch of 1200 Red Roses Product Summary Love knows no measures. 1200 Rose Bouquet – as the name suggests – contains love in eve...

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Carnival Of Roses

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Rs. 849.00
Rs. 649.00

Product Highlights 4 Red Roses 4 White Roses, 4 Pink RosesSeasonal Green FillerA Glass Vase Product Summary Dance to the tunes of a myriad selec...

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you-are-unforgettable-cake-plaza Sale

You are Unforgettable

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from Rs. 1,649.00

Product Highlights 5 Red Carnation, 5 Pink Roses, 2 LiliesCake Flavour: Chocolate Wrapped in Red paper with Pink RibbonType of Cake: CreamWeight A...

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flowers-bouquet-with-chocolate-cake-and-small-teddy Sale

Devine Flora

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from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights 10 Pink Carnation in Pink Paper PackingCake Flavour: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and AboveShapes Availa...

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Love U Sweetheart Save 24%

Love U Sweetheart

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 2,549.00
Rs. 1,949.00

If you are deeply and madly in love with your sweetheart from the bottom of your hear, but trying to express it in a different way; then this speci...

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Perfect N Elegance

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Rs. 5,849.00
Rs. 5,249.00

Serene beauty reflects through this amazing tall arrangement of majestic flowers. This arrangement can be the definition of elegance and perfectnes...

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Vase of Elegance

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Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 2,999.00

A collection of the most choicest flowers for your loved ones, this vase is a graceful representation of love and happiness together with 30 red ro...

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Mixed Lily in Vase

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Rs. 1,949.00
Rs. 1,549.00

Send your heartiest greetings to celebrate a birthday or anniversary by choosing our 6 mixed lilies such as yellow, pink, and orange fully bloomed ...

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Dazzle Flower

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Rs. 3,199.00
Rs. 2,699.00

Product Highlight30 Pink Roses and 5 White Asiatic LiliesA Square Glass Vase Product Summary A combination that is perfect for all occasions and al...

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serene-carnation-cake-plaza Save 18%

Serene Carnation

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,699.00
Rs. 1,399.00

Carnations are flowers of happiness and lilies symbolize peace. This combination of flowers kept together with some seasonal fresh leaves in a clas...

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Yellow Lilies Save 25%

Yellow Lilies

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,999.00
Rs. 1,499.00

A blossoming soul, flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature. Carnations are the flower of happiness. Order Glorious Pink Carnations Bouque...

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Look at the history and then look at the modern day, one thing that has not changed is people’s dependence on flowers as a means of expression of emotions. The changes are only relevant when you are considering gifting them to people belonging to various cultures. This is why it becomes all the more important to be informed when it comes to floral gifting etiquette. Time to make way for beautiful flower arrangements.

We have enlisted the following tips and helpful hints here using which you will be able to express yourself fully and deeply using flowers as a medium. They are basically based on cultures differences that vary from country to country. Make way for beautiful flower arrangements with the following cultural tips by Cake Plaza.


USA is one of the most laidback countries as far as gift-giving and receiving is concerned. Gifting is thoughtful and meaningful but not expected. Also, if you do give a gift, do not expect one in return anytime soon.

Occasions that can do with a tender touch and major holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. call for floral arrangements. Certainly the best way to show someone you care. If you plan to present flowers to somebody, you can send them ahead of time using delivery services or gift them in person. A word of caution: ensure that you are careful enough while picking the flowers with the meaning you want to portray. Here are a few examples:


Daisies for purity and innocence

Peonies for romance and good fortune

Yellow roses for friendship and joy

Sunflowers for adoration and loyalty

Orchids for admiration and strength

Tulips for cheerful thoughts, confidence and love



Gift giving in Mexican culture is all about showing affection and appreciation. So much so that making an appearance without a gift in certain cases can be considered very offensive. For instance, in a business setup, giving a small gift is considered a gesture of goodwill. Similarly, when you are invited to someone’s home, it is a must to take along a gift.

Apart from gifts, florals arrangements can be considered too if you want to play it safe. In this culture, flowers are welcomed gifts and are appropriate in most of the situations. Just so you know, flowers play a big role in various celebrations and colorful Mexican traditions. If you are looking to gift a bouquet or another floral arrangement, follow these tips to cast the right impression.

What to Choose:


White flowers are considered uplifting in nature and hence make for the best gifts

Red roses are for love and fidelity

Orchids are for luxury and beauty

Daisies are for family and respect

Dahlia - the national flower of Mexico - stands for creativity, elegance, and dignity

Avoid yellow flowers as they symbolize death and are deemed apt only for the Day of the Dead celebrations



Unlike many countries, France does not have any rituals one needs to follow when it comes to gift-giving except for the traditional birthday, Christmas, christening, wedding etc. The French usually like to open gifts right when they are received. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about the gift being too inexpensive or pricey, because what’s important is to get the recipient something they will enjoy.

With flowers, however, you need to play it safe. Different kind of flowers have different meanings and values associated to them in French culture. Go through the quick tips below to select the right blooms to gift to ensure the right message is delivered.

What to Choose:

Choose pink roses as a safe gift when invited to a party or a happy gathering

Reserve chrysanthemums and lilies for funerals only

White flowers are purely for weddings

Red roses strictly only for the one you are in love with

Avoid all yellow floral bouquets as they imply unfaithfulness

Avoid taking along red carnations as they send a message of ill will

Pro tip: Add odd number of flowers in a bouquet (except 13 as it is considered to bring bad luck)



Russian culture has roots that go deep into their traditional gender roles. What might seem like old-school or conservative to an outsider, is still very much relevant amongst Russians. Russians love receiving and sending flowers every now and then.

Like in every other country, here also flowers are associated with love, so they also play a significant role in dating customs. While ‘more, the merrier’ works wonders in terms of flower gifting too, make sure the number of them is odd as even numbered bouquets are strictly meant for funerals.


With that said, the kind of flowers or even floral arrangements you choose have distinct meanings. Here are some easy-to-follow pointers for the types of flowers to give:

What to Choose:

Take along a single rose or a large daisy when going on a first date

Subtle floral colors like white, pink or light blue are apt for young women

Orange, white and yellow flowers can be given to anyone, except for the one you are romantically involved with, as they can signify a separation or breakup)

Red flowers are a symbol of love and can be given to a partner, family or loved ones

Potted plants are okay for older women

Flower buds are reserved for young girls only

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