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simply-red-love-cake-plaza Save 23%

Simply Red Love

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 649.00
Rs. 499.00

Product Highlights 12 Red RosesWrapped in Red Paper PackingTied with Red Ribbon Product Summary A soothing gift is well-appreciated by one and a...

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hello-beauty-cake-plaza Sale

Hello Beauty

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 799.00

Product Highlights      No. of stems: 8 Packing: Yellow Paper Packing Product Summary Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say. If a beau...

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red-velvet-heart-shape-cake-Cadbury-chocolates-with-pink-color-roses-bouquet Sale

Cheerful Hamper

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 999.00

Product Highlights      Red Velvet Heart Shape Cake 12 Pink Roses in Cellophane Packing 2 SIlk Chocolates Product Summary The best way to tell ...

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red-roses-bouquet-with-chocolate-round-shape-cake Sale

Deluxe Hamper

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights 12 Red RosesRed Paper PackingRed RibbonCake Flavour: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and AboveShapes Availa...

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orchid-love-cake-plaza Save 27%

Orchid Love

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 749.00
Rs. 549.00

Obtain a sigh of support after looking this astonishing bunch of purple orchids achieved in this bouquet! 6-stem purple orchids are wrapped pleasin...

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bunch-of-orchid-with-chocolate-round-shape Sale


100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights: 6 Orchid BunchWrapped in White paper with Blue RibbonCake Flavour: Chocolate Type of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and Ab...

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Surprise Box Cake Save 7%

Surprise Box Cake

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 3,249.00

Product Highlights Cake Flavours: AllType of Cake: MixWeight Available: 1kgServes 5-7 peopleDelivered along with knife & candles Take out from...

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vase-of-love-cake-plaza Save 39%

Vase Of Love

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,149.00
Rs. 699.00

Product Contains:8 Red Roses10 Dairy Milk of 12.5 gm1 Glass Vase Product Summary If you are planning to surprise the one who loves chocolates and f...

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rainbow-roses-cake-plaza Save 20%

Rainbow Roses

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 999.00
Rs. 799.00

Product Highlights 30 Mix roses in White Paper WrappingWrapped in Pink PaperTied with Pink Beautiful Ribbon Product Summary The major reason beh...

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1200-red-roses-bouquet Save 4%

1200 Roses Bouquet

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 44,549.00
Rs. 42,549.00

Product Highlights Bunch of 1200 Red Roses Product Summary Love knows no measures. 1200 Rose Bouquet – as the name suggests – contains love in eve...

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red-pink-white-reses-with-pot Save 24%

Carnival Of Roses

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 849.00
Rs. 649.00

Product Highlights 4 Red Roses 4 White Roses, 4 Pink RosesSeasonal Green FillerA Glass Vase Product Summary Dance to the tunes of a myriad selec...

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you-are-unforgettable-cake-plaza Sale

You are Unforgettable

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 1,649.00

Product Highlights 5 Red Carnation, 5 Pink Roses, 2 LiliesCake Flavour: Chocolate Wrapped in Red paper with Pink RibbonType of Cake: CreamWeight A...

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flowers-bouquet-with-chocolate-cake-and-small-teddy Sale

Devine Flora

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights 10 Pink Carnation in Pink Paper PackingCake Flavour: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and AboveShapes Availa...

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Love U Sweetheart Save 24%

Love U Sweetheart

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 2,549.00
Rs. 1,949.00

If you are deeply and madly in love with your sweetheart from the bottom of your hear, but trying to express it in a different way; then this speci...

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perfect-eligance-cake-plaza Save 10%

Perfect N Elegance

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 5,849.00
Rs. 5,249.00

Serene beauty reflects through this amazing tall arrangement of majestic flowers. This arrangement can be the definition of elegance and perfectnes...

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 vase-of-elegance-cake-plaza Save 14%

Vase of Elegance

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 2,999.00

A collection of the most choicest flowers for your loved ones, this vase is a graceful representation of love and happiness together with 30 red ro...

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red-roses-basket-medium-cake-plaza Save 21%

Mixed Lily in Vase

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,949.00
Rs. 1,549.00

Send your heartiest greetings to celebrate a birthday or anniversary by choosing our 6 mixed lilies such as yellow, pink, and orange fully bloomed ...

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dazzling-yellow-and-pink-flowers Save 16%

Dazzle Flower

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 3,199.00
Rs. 2,699.00

Product Highlight30 Pink Roses and 5 White Asiatic LiliesA Square Glass Vase Product Summary A combination that is perfect for all occasions and al...

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serene-carnation-cake-plaza Save 18%

Serene Carnation

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,699.00
Rs. 1,399.00

Carnations are flowers of happiness and lilies symbolize peace. This combination of flowers kept together with some seasonal fresh leaves in a clas...

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Yellow Lilies Save 25%

Yellow Lilies

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,999.00
Rs. 1,499.00

A blossoming soul, flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature. Carnations are the flower of happiness. Order Glorious Pink Carnations Bouque...

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Be it for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or just to cheer up a friend, flowers work wonders. Brightly coloured, fragrant, and available in a range of sizes, they are one of nature’s best inventions. At Cake Plaza, we are covering Gurgaon for all its flower needs for a long time now. If you are looking for flowers online delivery, you should explore our wide range of flowers and pick the best flower bouquet for the occasion.

It is moments when words fall short and you don’t understand how else to express your heart out, flowers come to rescue. Blossoms are one of the simplest approaches to make an impression on a friend or a family member. Message like I love you, I care, I am sorry – can better be expressed with a nice bouquet containing fresh handpicked flowers like roses, carnations, orchids, lilies, etc.

The main thing that crosses the vast majority's brains when considering sending flowers are generally roses. While roses are brilliant, wistful, and dazzling, you can clearly choose from more. On the off chance that it causes you to feel more certain, various hues of roses make wonderful flower bundles. With their stunning aromas and remarkable significance, you can gain confidence to communicate something specific as well as ease up the receiver’s state of mind.

Sometimes, when we are rushing out for someone’s birthday or wedding anniversary celebrations, we find ourselves in an utter state of confusion as to what to take along as a gift. Most gifts are done to death, and sometimes, we don’t just understand what the recipient’s choices might be – if they will even like the gift or not. Playing safe with flowers is the best bet in such circumstances. No matter what the situation, fresh handpicked blooms do wonders every single time.

In workplace situations also, flowers make for a wonderful present. If you are welcoming a new colleague or bidding farewell to an existing one, flowers work wonders. When celebrating a teammate’s birthday, flowers along with a cake acts like a complete package. Trying to impress the boss on their birthday, on Boss Day, or congratulating them for their big achievement? A floral bouquet with gerberas or orchids will do the trick for you.

Cake Plaza brings to you flowers in unbelievably pretty arrangements. There are the basics like a bouquet with the main flowers in a quantity plus a lot of seasonal greens, all tied together nicely. Then there is a popular hand-held bunch of one’s favourite flowers, tied together with a bright and frilly ribbon. Freshly handpicked flowers are now also available in a box – rendering a sophisticated look to the entire flower gifting experience. Flower arrangement in various shapes like heart shape are also loved by people.

As much as gifts are loved by many of us, there are so many people who don’t shy away from saying categorically, “no gifts please”. Now, while they genuinely don’t appreciate the idea of gifting, we sometimes find it a bit awkward to not get them anything ever. Sometimes, we feel like gifting them something but don’t understand what to get them. It is moments like this that fresh flowers come to the rescue.

Now let’s talk a bit about various types of flowers and what each one of them signifies.

  1. Carnations

 Carnations come in various hues just like roses. No matter in what kind of floral arrangement they are presented, they make extraordinary pieces. Each shade of carnations represents something, making them as adorable as roses. The most widely recognized tones are pink, green, purple, red, and white. By and large, carnations represent class, ladies' adoration, and interest.

They are mostly used as Mother’s Day gifts.

Red and its various shades represent love, companionship, esteem, and love.

Pink carnations represent appreciation.

Purple carnations represent eccentricity; striped assortments show refusal and lament, while yellow ones represent distress and frustration. Choose wisely.


  1. Tulips

 Tulips are an ideal present for infants, birthday events, new connections, or commemorations – basically new beginnings. They arrive in a variety of hues like red, pink, purple, yellow, and white.

White tulips mean regard, pardoning, virtue, and statement of regret, and new beginnings.

Yellow tulips represent expectation and happiness.

Purple ones show class and sovereignty.

Pink tulips represent great wishes, care, love, and friendship, as do their red partners.


  1. Lilies

Lilies are normal blossoms that come in various assortments and a variety of tones. Every assortment has a significance just as colours. By and large, lilies are an image of eminence, resurrection, virtue, and energy. Therefore, you can discover lilies in graduation services, commemorations, weddings, and memorial services.

Pink lilies show deference, love, and empathy.

White lily flowers represent unobtrusiveness and virtue.

Yellow lilies bring out satisfaction, merriment, and joy.

Calla lilies are an image of solidarity, confidence, and immaculateness.

Asiatic lilies represent immaculateness and marriage.

Tiger lilies show pride, riches, and energy.


  1. Sunflower

Sunflowers are straightforward yet extremely viable gifts to ease up somebody's disposition. Send a bunch of sunflowers to tell your cherished one their value in your life. Sunflowers are meant to inspire bliss and joy in the lives of their beneficiaries immediately. They represent life span, worship, and dependability. Carry them to any occasion, however you needn't bother with a pardon to gift them without any occasion to somebody dear to you. Any day ought to be fine.


  1. Gerberas

Gerbera daisies come in various lively tones and implications. By and large, these blossoms represent virtue, excellence, merriment, and guiltlessness.

White gerberas mean virtue and honesty. They are ideal gifts to love birds, commemorations, and for baptismal events.

Red Gerberas are an image of energy and heartfelt love. They are ideally suited for Valentine's Day or some other day for your soul mate.

Pink gerbera daisies represent deference, compassion, appreciation, and beauty. They make for "recover soon," "you are exceptional to me," and "bless your heart" gifts.

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