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Are you intrigued by fancy cakes these days? A big time revolution is changing the way cakes are designed. The recent trend is an Isomalt cake, a kind of sugar topping that gives the cake a delicate glass effect. So, what is an Isomalt cake and how is it made and why has it become the talk of the town? Read on to learn everything about this trending cake.

What is Isomalt?

Isomalt is basically a sugar substitute made from refined sugar. This sugar formation is unknown to a great many people except if they are cake decorators or are associated with food industry. The good thing is that this sugar form is not really sweet as sugar, and can easily be blended with other sugar substitute sugars like sucralose to increase the sweetness quotient. Isomalt should be warmed to be formed, molded, or utilized for further use.

Usage of Isomalt

Another good thing about Isomalt is that it does not caramelize when heat is applied to it the way sugar does. Moreover, it does not take on that m "caramel" hue, thus saving you room to create great design elements for cakes that need to have a clear color. Certain applications of Isomalt sugar are candies, gemstones, windows for gingerbread houses, and glamorous sparkling mosaics, among many others.

Isomalt also easily be sculpted or molded into just about any shape. One of the things you need to keep in mind is the usage of molds that can withstand very high temperatures (Pro tip: avoid plastic molds that can distort or even melt under heat). Secondly, you must take special care to work carefully and safely with this medium to avoid burns. It is sticky and hard to remove when hot. Don’t forget that it can cause serious burns, if not handled with care.

Isomalt on a Cake

Isomalt is the ideal thing for making wonderful clear toppings and decorations for your cakes, confections and treats! Apart from not turning yellow or brown under high heat conditions, it quite well stands up to moisture and humidity levels better than sugar so it’s a great choice to use as a decoration.

But, Is It Safe to Eat?

Yes! Isomalt is made using beets and is completely safe to eat. However, our bodies cannot digest Isomalt. This means that it passes right through our system without getting absorbed or digested in the body. This also means that if you eat it in large quantities, you will certainly end up with an upset stomach.

Isomalt Cake Kit

Some basic products that can help a great deal when you are baking a cake using Isomalt decorating tips, are listed below:

Gloves: Managing Isomalt when it’s hot can be tricky and may burn your skin if it drips on you. You may get nitrile gloves in one size smaller than the actual for a tight grip and save your hands from accidental burns.

Silicone mat and bowl: silicone mat can save you a great deal of cleaning as you can place Isomalt on it while hot and any extra dripping will come off easily on getting cold. Silicone bowl makes adding colours to Isomalt easy, effortless, and quick.

Small blow torch: Many a time, you will need to re-heat small quantities of Isomalt, clear up the surface bubbles, or join pieces together. For such tasks, a mini blow torch will certainly come in handy.

Cake gloss: This helps give the cake and its decorations the final touch. It helps save the final product from humidity, thus helping retain its actual shape and colour.

There are two types of people in the world, ones who love to experiment with Isomalt sugar and the others who don’t. If you belong to the latter category of people, Cake Plaza is here to assist you with trendy Isomalt cakes.

We have a wide range of Isomalt cakes you can order for any occasion big or small. Basic Isomalt cake, fruit Isomalt cake, berry Isomalt cake, macaroon Isomalt cake, fault line Isomalt cake, chocolate Isomalt cake, geode Isomalt cake, we have an endless variety of Isomalt cakes baked with love for our esteemed clients and their special occasions.

These cakes are highly popular with romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, marriage ceremonies, proposal evenings, and the likes. However, it has many takers for birthdays, baby showers, housewarming parties, bachelorette nights, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the likes. For kids too, confetti Isomalt cakes and lollipop Isomalt cakes are preferred by many parents these days to surprise the little ones on their birthdays.

Cake Plaza delivers across Delhi NCR at your preferred time slot. Wait no more and place an order for a fancy and super trendy Isomalt cake now!

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