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simply-red-love-cake-plaza Save 23%

Simply Red Love

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 649.00
Rs. 499.00

Product Highlights 12 Red RosesWrapped in Red Paper PackingTied with Red Ribbon Product Summary A soothing gift is well-appreciated by one and a...

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hello-beauty-cake-plaza Sale

Hello Beauty

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 799.00

Product Highlights      No. of stems: 8 Packing: Yellow Paper Packing Product Summary Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say. If a beau...

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red-velvet-heart-shape-cake-Cadbury-chocolates-with-pink-color-roses-bouquet Sale

Cheerful Hamper

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 999.00

Product Highlights      Red Velvet Heart Shape Cake 12 Pink Roses in Cellophane Packing 2 SIlk Chocolates Product Summary The best way to tell ...

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red-roses-bouquet-with-chocolate-round-shape-cake Sale

Deluxe Hamper

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights 12 Red RosesRed Paper PackingRed RibbonCake Flavour: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and AboveShapes Availa...

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orchid-love-cake-plaza Save 27%

Orchid Love

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 749.00
Rs. 549.00

Obtain a sigh of support after looking this astonishing bunch of purple orchids achieved in this bouquet! 6-stem purple orchids are wrapped pleasin...

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vase-of-love-cake-plaza Save 39%

Vase Of Love

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,149.00
Rs. 699.00

Product Contains:8 Red Roses10 Dairy Milk of 12.5 gm1 Glass Vase Product Summary If you are planning to surprise the one who loves chocolates and f...

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rainbow-roses-cake-plaza Save 20%

Rainbow Roses

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 999.00
Rs. 799.00

Product Highlights 30 Mix roses in White Paper WrappingWrapped in Pink PaperTied with Pink Beautiful Ribbon Product Summary The major reason beh...

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1200-red-roses-bouquet Save 4%

1200 Roses Bouquet

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 44,549.00
Rs. 42,549.00

Product Highlights Bunch of 1200 Red Roses Product Summary Love knows no measures. 1200 Rose Bouquet – as the name suggests – contains love in eve...

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red-pink-white-reses-with-pot Save 24%

Carnival Of Roses

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 849.00
Rs. 649.00

Product Highlights 4 Red Roses 4 White Roses, 4 Pink RosesSeasonal Green FillerA Glass Vase Product Summary Dance to the tunes of a myriad selec...

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you-are-unforgettable-cake-plaza Sale

You are Unforgettable

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 1,649.00

Product Highlights 5 Red Carnation, 5 Pink Roses, 2 LiliesCake Flavour: Chocolate Wrapped in Red paper with Pink RibbonType of Cake: CreamWeight A...

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flowers-bouquet-with-chocolate-cake-and-small-teddy Sale

Devine Flora

100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights 10 Pink Carnation in Pink Paper PackingCake Flavour: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and AboveShapes Availa...

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bunch-of-orchid-with-chocolate-round-shape Sale


100% Happiness Guaranteed

from Rs. 1,149.00

Product Highlights: 6 Orchid BunchWrapped in White paper with Blue RibbonCake Flavour: Chocolate Type of Cake: CreamWeight Available: 500gm and Ab...

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Syngonium Plant Save 33%

Syngonium Plant

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 899.00
Rs. 599.00

Syngonium is the most popular indoor plant because of its benefits as an air purifier and low maintenance. This beautiful flower will fill the plac...

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Desert Rose Save 27%

Desert Rose

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,299.00
Rs. 949.00

A desert rose is an exotic species of plant rarely found outside of its natural habitats, and while staying bare most of the year, has some of the ...

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Love U Sweetheart Save 24%

Love U Sweetheart

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 2,549.00
Rs. 1,949.00

If you are deeply and madly in love with your sweetheart from the bottom of your hear, but trying to express it in a different way; then this speci...

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perfect-eligance-cake-plaza Save 10%

Perfect N Elegance

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 5,849.00
Rs. 5,249.00

Serene beauty reflects through this amazing tall arrangement of majestic flowers. This arrangement can be the definition of elegance and perfectnes...

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long-lasting-love-cake-plaza Save 12%

Long Lasting Love

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 6,499.00
Rs. 5,699.00

When your love for someone is eternal, you need to give them something that's outstanding and extraordinarily beautiful. Express your love for that...

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 vase-of-elegance-cake-plaza Save 14%

Vase of Elegance

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 2,999.00

A collection of the most choicest flowers for your loved ones, this vase is a graceful representation of love and happiness together with 30 red ro...

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red-roses-basket-medium-cake-plaza Save 21%

Mixed Lily in Vase

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Rs. 1,949.00
Rs. 1,549.00

Send your heartiest greetings to celebrate a birthday or anniversary by choosing our 6 mixed lilies such as yellow, pink, and orange fully bloomed ...

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Every time an occasion comes up, majority of us people go crazy thinking about gifts for the person(s) concerned. Some of us run out of ideas while the others just don’t understand what an appropriate gift could be. Sometimes what happens is that we don’t know the person too well and this becomes a barrier in looking for a right gift for them. If you too have faced this problem several times in your life like many of us, this article has a solution meant just for you. Here, we will talk about The Best Gift for Any Occasion: Fresh Flowers.

Wondering what makes fresh flowers the best gift for any occasion? Their versatility tops the list of answers for this question. There is no dearth of colours and variety when it comes to natural blooms. They can be presented to any relation belonging to any age group on any occasion, big or small. You don’t need to put in a lot of thought before choosing to give flowers to the recipient. This makes them the numero uno choice when it comes to picking gifts.

Just one thing that can make this flower receiving experience worth remembering for the receiver is what kind of flowers arrangement you pick for whom. Today, we are here to help you pick the right kind of flowers with this article that talks in detail about the variety available and what signifies what. Read on:


For relationships based on love and friendship, roses are the top most choice. They are available in a myriad of hues, ranging from bright red to blush pink, yellow mellow to pale white, etc. With several rose varieties easily available, you can pick any floral arrangement made of rose flowers to express your love, friendship, affection, and admiration etc. to someone special on, let’s say, Valentine’s Day.



Tulips are commonly also referred to as spring flowers. A floral arrangement made of tulips symbolises perfect love, elegance, and grace. You can easily send tulip flowers online to express your heartfelt feelings and emotions to a special someone. There is a huge variety of tulips available in different colours, each symbolising something. You can easily pick the one you resonate with the most.



Lilies are abundantly available in nature. There are so many colours in which lilies are available that you will get amazed. Presenting lilies on Easter is a trend that started way back in history because white lilies symbolise virginity, purity, and virtue. Similarly, different colours of exotic lily flowers represent different meanings. For instance, orange Lily represents passion, wealth, and confidence while pink stargazer lilies represent prosperity and abundance.



Orchids are known to symbolise beauty, flair, love, luxury, strength, refinement, femininity, and thoughtfulness, etc. For some reason, they are popular gift choice for a couple’s 14th wedding anniversary. You can surprise your partner with a lovely orchids bouquet to wish them on the fourteenth years of togetherness or gift it to a couple celebrating theirs.



Sunflowers stand for dedicated love, adoration, and pure thoughts all over the world. They are popularly known as third anniversary flowers. By offering a pretty sunflower arrangement to your partner on the completion of your third wedding anniversary, you will be paving the way for deepest feelings of love and affection for each other. Certainly, a great anniversary gift to brighten up the day of your special one.


Gerbera Daisies

Looking forward to new beginnings? Without giving it much thought, you can pick Gerbera Daisies to send your best wishes and blessings to the person in question. Gerbera Daisies symbolise purity, love, innocence, and new beginnings, etc. This makes this floral arrangement a favourite pick for housewarming ceremonies. You can pick this bouquet for wishing someone all the love, happiness, success, health, wealth, and prosperity in their life.



Looking for flowers to show sympathy or solidarity during tough times? Want to send get well soon wishes to a loved one? If this is what you want to achieve, you can go for Iris flowers without giving a second thought. Yes, iris flowers are perfect companions when all you wish to do is express solidarity. They are available in various colours. White iris is generally picked for such occasions. Purple Iris symbolises wisdom and royalty while yellow Iris symbolises passion.



Carnations symbolise women’s love, pride, beauty, and fascination. This is what makes them the first choice when kids are looking for presents for Mother’s Day. By gifting a beautiful carnation bouquet, you can express your unconditional love for your mother on this day. They are much liked on Women’s Day also. Different colours of Carnation flowers are known to represent love, affection, and luck.



12 years of togetherness call for floral celebrations. You can make the 12th wedding anniversary extra special by sending Peony flowers to your partner on this day or to any other couple celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary. Peonies are the types of flowers that are known to signify prosperity and a happy married life. A fragrant way to wish them togetherness.

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