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Pinata Cake is the Next Big Thing – Tried Yet?

No matter what the occasion, cakes just add to the entire occasion. They are believed to have existed and added to the party mood for ages now. Over years and decades, cakes have seen many uplifts thanks to various flavor inventions, the betterment of technology, and globalization, etc. The recent face-lift cakes got was because of the pandemic and the resultant lockdown. The byproduct – as far as cakes are concerned – was the introduction of Pinata cakes to this side of the world. Also known as pinata surprise cake or surprise inside the cake, pinata cake type is very different from what we are used to looking at and eating thereafter.

What Exactly is a Pinata Surprise Cake?

All of us social media-friendly people are well aware of the smash cakes that need a hammer instead of a knife to ‘cut’ the cake. This is what a pinata cake is. These cakes hold surprise goodies on the inside layers and are very popular with kids as pinata birthday cakes. They are also preferred when people are celebrating romantic occasions as pinata surprise cakes.

Pinata birthday cakes are broadly divided into two categories based on their exteriors. While one is a hard shell pinata cake, another is a soft bread-based pinata cake. Once the pinata cake ideas are finalized, you can easily order a pinata cake online.

Chocolate Pinata Cake, Unicorn Pinata Cake, Rainbow Pinata Cake… What else?

There is no dearth of options when it comes to the kinds of pinata cake designs. You can choose from various shapes and sizes, starting with a pinata cake with a hammer. Any flavor that resonates well with you can be used for a pinata cake. The best part is that you can add a range of surprise goodies inside and get the message across when ordering a pinata cake in Delhi.

You can fill a pinata cake with a lot of candies like Cadbury Gems, chocolate miniatures, and toffees, etc. As long as non-candy pinata cake ideas are concerned, you can let your creativity and purpose come to work. Like, if you are organizing a zoo theme party for your child’s birthday, you can fill the pinata cake with plastic animals and finger puppets easily. This way, the kids not only enjoy a different way of cake cutting but also get to have fun with the surprise inside.

If the cake is meant for somebody who is health-conscious and carefully watches what they eat, you can get the birthday pinata cake filled with raisins, granola bars, mixed seed bags, and tiny fruit bags. Crafty fillers like stickers, crayons, Lego blocks, erasers, and playdough, etc. are also gaining popularity these days. For a makeup enthusiast girl and her gang, the cake can be filled with scrunchies, hair clips, rings, beaded jewelry, and the likes.

You can very well hide an engagement ring inside if you wish to propose marriage to the love of your life in a way no one could have ever imagined. A pinata surprise cake with an engagement ring inside is the best way to express the most special desires and feelings you have towards a special someone.

If you are looking for a lot of fun followed by a cake-cutting ceremony, you can hide crazy balls bouncy balls inside the pinata cake. They are fun chasing after and keep the kids occupied for longer. A football pinata cake can very well hold such a crazy surprise.

When organizing a puppy party, you can get a customized cake with either dog collars or dog food biscuits, or chicken pieces hidden inside the special cake.


Pinata cake price Delhi is super affordable and yet big fun. You can now order super trendy smashed pinata cakes for your loved ones in and around Delhi. Pinata cake mold can be had in the shape of a heart to an oval to a diamond and whatnot. Worried what is the price of pinata cake? Well, this unique cake – actually associated with Mexico – is super affordable and can easily be customized. Why not opt for a thoughtful, picture-perfect cake for someone special today?

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