Unique Wedding Cake Guide for the Big Day

Choosing a wedding cake is a difficult process, no matter how fun it may appear on the surface. A marriage ceremony is considered a once in a lifetime affair and people tend to leave no stone unturned in making sure every minute detail comes out perfectly when it is about their big day. Selecting from a range of Designer Cakes is no exception to this process.

A wedding cake, in today’s world, is not just limited to a cake that people limit to just the day the ceremony takes place. These cakes in various designs are also lovingly ordered for wedding anniversaries, too ceremonies, as well as engagement celebrations.

This article talks about everything related to unique Wedding Cakes in detail so you know what to expect. We start with talking about shapes, types, and a range of fillings before moving over to decorations and cake topper varieties.

Wedding cakes in Gurgaon in various shapes

While a simple and elegant round tier cake is mostly preferred when it comes to wedding cakes, the following shapes are gradually making their appearance in today’s world:

A modern and stylish square shape gives the cake a minimalist of and a clean look - something that the bride and the groom of the present day can most relate to.

A pillow shaped cushiony multi-tiered wedding cake gives the evening a luxurious touch with its uniqueness and is loved by socially active couples these days.

A heart shaped tier wedding cake is mostly loved by the fun and youthful couple ready to take the plunge of ‘together forever’.

Topsy turvy asymmetrical tier wedding cakes help give the evening a funky and a modern day touch because of their out of the box shape and stacking up.

Different cake types to choose from

Only when you thought finalizing the shape was all it entailed, we thought of adding another important element that can become a deciding factor in your cake choosing process. There are numerous types of cake types to choose from. Here, we mention the top three popular cake types:

Sponge cake: A sponge cake is, hands down, a wedding favourite. It is a firm cake that is good for stacking layers and layers of cake on the top of one another.

Chiffon cake: A relatively new entrant, chiffon cake is a very light and fluffy cake that can be stored or frozen for a longer period of time without it drying out.

Cheesecake: An alternative to traditional cakes, this one is generally a baked vanilla cake with a crumbly biscuit base, enough to melt a million hearts.


A variety of fillings for wedding cakes in Delhi

Today, there are more variety of cakes than ever were. From basic to advanced, there is no dearth of fillings when it comes to cakes. Listed here are the most loved cake filling varieties for you to make a better decision.


Dry fruit cake

It is a rich sponge cake filled generously with an assortment of dried or candied fruits, topped with chopped nuts and spices for that added crunch.


Berry and cream cake

If you are looking for an Anniversary Cake for parents and wish to play it safe with flavours, a berry cake with cream (think strawberry with clotted cream or raspberry with mascarpone cream or blueberry with buttercream) is the best bet.


Chocolate cake

This is a sponge cake made with real melted chocolate and vanilla cream, and is the best surprise for a chocolate loving couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.


Belgian chocolate cake

A thick layer of pure Belgian chocolate is what makes this version even popular than the simple chocolate cake. Some couples love adding crepe’s to the inside layers of this cake for an extra crunch.


Lemon sorbet cake

For a couple looking for a wedding cake to be had during the summer months, a light and zesty lemon sorbet cake adds to the fun element of the big day.

Cake decorations - The fun part


White sugar paste flowers with edible
pearls and painted silver decoration for a delicate touch.


Adding sweets or edible gems and
pearls is a great way to add texture
to a flat iced cake.


Gold and silver leaf can be used
to add extra glamour.


Floral inspired designs can be drawn using piped icing.


Fruit and flowers for a natural theme. The flowers can be real or silk if preferred.


Beads of icing between cake layers for a traditional look.


Intricate designs are hand painted directly onto the icing. The design is totally unique so no two cakes will ever look the same.


Ending it with cake toppers

Picture perfect

Put your favorite photograph in pride of place with a photo cake topper!

Model marriage

Go traditional with miniature look-a-like
bride and groom figurines. They can also be kept as a keepsake!

It’s a sign

Make a banner from your initials using
chocolate or icing in a mold. You could
also have 'Mr. & Mrs.’!

If you are looking for wedding cakes near me, this guide should be able to help you the best.

Cake Plaza has a range of designer wedding cakes that you will find irresistible. Be it a wedding cake or a Roca cake or an engagement cake or a Wedding Anniversary cakes, we bring to you a wide range of aesthetically pleasing options that taste delicious too. Talk to us in detail about your plans and preferences so we can together arrive at an out of the world beauty of a cake.

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