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New Year is just about to begin… here comes the time when we all get together to welcome the new year with much enthu in style. This year however, covid restrictions are in place and large gatherings are out of question. Let this not dampen your spirits… you can always host house parties and bring a wide smile on the faces of your loved ones. All you need to do is order a New Year cake from your favourite online baker and you are set.


New Year Countdown Cake 

New Year

New Year celebrations are all about celebrating time - time that went by and the time that is yet to come… why not celebrate this with a special countdown cake? The last few countdown seconds when one enters from the old year to the brand new one are the most exciting. Add to the thrill with a countdown cake that is a basic cake you can get made in any flavours of our choice.


Champagne Sprinkle Cake

Champagne Bubbly NYE Cake

Champagne is a royal party starter. This bubbly goes up in the air and that is when people get into their energetic mode to begin the party. You could now also get a champagne sprinkle cake to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with a special touch. You can choose from a range of flavours for the cake. This cake comes with a nice bottle of champagne on it which you can first uncork to begin the party and then cut the cake.


New Year Firework Cake

New Year Firework Cake

A lot of people out there burst firecrackers to welcome the new year. As we all know, this causes air pollution as well as noise pollution. We have come up with a solution for that. You could order a fireworks cake that is a basic fondant cake in a flavours of your choice and a lot of confetti and fireworks made of fondant sitting pretty on the cake. Isn’t this a smart way to add to the hotness of the party?


Textured Gold & Black Cake

Textured Gold & Black Cake for the Party


A favourite colour combination when it comes to exuding richness, a textured gold and black cake is best if you are catering to a young crowd on New Year’s Eve. If you have a similar decor theme at the venue, a cake like so only add to the overall aura of the party. Gold buttercream cake is easily loved by one and all because of its designing as well as rich chocolate content.


Minion New Year Cake for Kids

Minion New Year Cake for Kids


If you have a lot of kids gathering at your home for the New Year’s Eve, we would suggest you go in for Minion New Year Cake for them. As the name suggests, this is a basic cake designed to resemble a minion. A feast to their eyes as well as their taste buds, this cake helps take the kids’ excitement to an all new level. There are many designs when it comes to minion cakes for the little ones.


Mini NYE Ball Drop Cake

Mini NYE Ball Drop Cake


What started as a Times Square annual ball drop event limited to New Year’s Eve has now gotten into our lives more than just that. Mini NYE ball drop cakes are an instant hit at NY gatherings. These can be made as a full fledged cake, mini cake, as well as Cupcakes. You can also make mini ball drop cupcakes at home if you aren’t planning on ordering a cake from outside this time around.


Jack Daniel Cake Delicacy

Designer Jack Daniel Cake


Hosting a house party for your buddies this New Year’s Eve? If that’s your idea, Jack Daniel’s cake is what you need. Birthday Cakes makes the parties enjoyable and a beer or whiskey cake like this one makes the parties memorable. Not to forget how gram worthy the cake becomes with cute little miniature bottles of your favourite liquor brand sitting atop the cake.


Nutty Star Plum Cake

Nutty Star Plum Cake for New Year Party


So what if Christmas is over? You could still treat your taste buds with a plum cake… Plum cake - as you must know by now - is a dried cake made using dried fruits, nuts, and various spices. It has a longer shelf life than cakes with icing and is easily transferable. If you are organizing a party and want to offer something different, nutty star plum cake is the best addition to your NYE party.


Designer Belgian Cake

Designer Belgian Cake for NYE

This cake is easily the favourite of one and all. You can never go wrong with a Belgian cake with generous amounts of chocolate on it. With a medium sweet and medium bitter palette, these cakes add spark to occasions. For NYE celebrations too, a designer Belgian Chocolate Cake is the best. It appeals to kids and adults alike and hence, vanishes from the table within seconds.



New Year Customised Cupcakes


When we talk about New Year Special Cakes, cupcakes deserve a special mention. At a lot of NYE parties, people offer cupcakes as each one can have one without having to share with others. Cupcakes can be ordered in a plethora of options, giving guests the options to pick what they like the most. They do not burn a hole in the pocket and yet add to the charm of the party.


If you don’t have an inclination for a Designer Cake for new year party, there are so many simple yet significant cakes you could choose from. There is the most loved Red Velvet Cake, Fruit Cake, Black Forest Cake - the list goes on.


Send New Year Cake at Best Price using the online services of one and only Cake Plaza. We bring to you a wide range of Customized Cakes for New Year using which you can add spark to your celebrations.
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