Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Designer Theme Cakes

Decorations? Check. Coordinated outfits? Check. Fun, naughty games? Check. Cake…? Well!

When it comes to bachelors and bachelorette parties, one tends to go a little over the board. And why shouldn’t one? It is the last celebration of their single-hood, before they begin with the new, most exciting, and revolutionary chapter of their lives - their marriage.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Designer Theme Cakes are one of the most integral elements of the party and yet the most overlooked till the very last moment. It is only when the venue and other details of the party are decided and finalised on, does one start thinking about a naughty adult cake.

Types of Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Cakes


The type of cake you choose depends hugely on the guests you are catering to. If it’s an informal setting with limited gathering not very close to each other, going elaborate isn’t a good idea. You can incorporate a small and a simple message to congratulate the one in question.

If the person you are throwing the party for is close to you but you do not want a naughty cake, you can get a fondant cake made keeping in mind their favourite hobby, sport, or even the profession they are into. Gym Cakes, beer cake, cricket stadium cake, shopping cake, make up cake, Bollywood theme cake, Bollywood latke jhatke cake, and tech nerd cake etc. are top examples for this.

Anatomically graphic cakes are best for such parties if you are a close group of people who appreciate a show of kink and nudity, and are completely okay with adult theme cakes.


Stripper cake, vagina shaped cake, phallus shaped cake, lacy boob shaped cakes, and honeymoon suite inspired cakes are very popular amongst long term friends from school or college celebrating one of the last few days of their buddy’s single hood. These cakes generally carry kinky messages or one liners written atop the cake for some fun and laughs.

If you are a close group of friends but not as close as to freely be able to bring in kinky cakes, you can get smarter and think out of the box for the same.

Imagine a simple cake with ‘Game Over’ as the messaging. Or even better, ‘Death of a Bachelor’ cake based on their favourite game theme.

If it is a bachelors or a bachelorette, there has to be free flowing alcohol. Start right with the cake. Get a Beer Themed Cakes or a scotch themed cake to the party and you will set the tone in an instant. Today, there are designer cakes available wherein you can stock up some miniature bottles of your favourite liquor brand - for real. Alcohol bachelor cakes are very popular with the youth and you will love them too.


If you are looking for a female friend’s bachelorette party cake, you can either go all kinky and get her a phallus shaped cake or a role play cake. You can also get her a nice floral cake if feminine touch is what you look forward to.

You must be wondering if people would go ahead and cut such a masterpiece of a cake? Oh yes, people love digging into such cakes as much as they love admiring them for their mere looks. They will surely cut such a cake with gusto as these cakes are highly irresistible.

Bachelor party cakes can range from kinky but well intentioned to professional pieces of exotic culinary art. Adding a cake to such a party is an inexpensive way to add bold layers to the party set up. Cakes are pretty light on the pocket and it all drills down to your imagination.

Cake cutting ceremony is synonymous with new beginnings. This party - with all its kink - is a fun reminder for people embarking on new journeys. Bringing in a cake to mark the joyous beginnings is a definite must. On a bachelors or a bachelorette, making the party a lot more happening and a little less censored is the idea and that happens when you bring in the right kind of cake. We highly hope this article was a fun and informative read for you and you could also come across some crazy cake ideas!


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