Cakes That Cheer You Up on All Occasions

Cakes and celebrations are inseparable. No matter what the occasion is about, a creamy and tasty cake waiting on the center table for the arrival of the guests is a must. Be it a family celebration or a corporate get together or one with friends, you can find one common link - an irresistible cake. It is almost impossible to come across a person who can say no to a flavor rich cake.

Cakes are undoubtedly the sweetest crowd puller at parties. If you wish to learn about the types of cakes that can cheer you up on occasions, here comes the starter list. Read on to learn more.

List of Top 10 Amazing Crowd Magnet Cakes

Chocolate Truffle Cake


This cake tops the list for obvious reasons. No one can resist a chocolate rich cake. It takes one down on the trip to pure bliss. Apart from rich and heavenly Chocolate Truffle Cake, you can go in for lighter versions of this cake and add a sweet touch to an occasion.

Butterscotch Fantasy Cake


A crunchy butterscotch cake is all you need to add some more spark to an already happening occasion. It is the right amount of sweetness one needs on a cake. Apart from the delicious crunch, this cake is also popular for age groups and occasions for it offers a buttery flavorful taste.

Red Velvet Cake


Just one bite into a perfectly baked red velvet cake and you will get transported into a different world altogether - such is the magic of this exotic cake. It is available in different varieties like a red velvet cheesecake and a red velvet jar cake. The cake is the first choice for a romantic setup.

Rainbow Cake


Layers and layers all reflecting the 7 rainbow hues can cheer up anybody in an instant. This cake type is mostly ordered for children’s Birthday Cake celebrations for their love of all things colorful and bright. The pop of colors in a rainbow cake really injects energy into the whole atmosphere.

Classic Cakes


When talking about the top cakes for all occasions, how can we not talk about forever classics like strawberry cake, vanilla cake, and pineapple cake? These flavors are the safest bet when you are unsure about the liking and preference of the receiver and the gathering. They are truly old but gold.

Fruit Cakes


An assortment of exotic fruits spread on a nicely baked cake is all one needs for a remarkable day. A fruit cake is highly preferred by health conscious people for all the good reasons. It is also ordered for office celebrations for the burst of flavors it provides.

Forest Cakes


Black Forest cake and white Forest cake are the two forest cakes that people buy without thinking too much, no matter what the occasion. Generous serving of chocolate shavings along with a lot of plump red cherries makes these Forest cakes loved by one and all. Get ready to get lost in the deliciousness. 

Themed Cakes


Personalized touch in cakes is what we all were waiting for. Themed cakes help provide that personal touch. Depending on the likes and preferences of the receiver, you can get a themed cake designed. Cakes like make up cake, gym cake, cricket pitch cake, beer cake, shopping bag cake, gadget geek cake, etc. are pretty popular theme cakes. 

Photo Cakes


Having one of your favorite life moments together printed in edible ink on the top of a cake is what you need to make the moment a memorable one. Designing Photo Cakes is super easy and very affordable in today’s date and time. They are available in a range of flavors too.

Designer Cakes


Special shape cakes, tier cakes, piñata cakes, origami cakes, tower cakes, bomb cakes, and the likes are top examples of designer cakes. They help add a special touch to the day. Getting a Designer Cake online has become very easy now. You can choose from a range of flavors too. 

Bottom Line

Occasions call for celebrations and celebrations call for a nice and delicious cake. Choosing the right cake for an occasion is very important and very easy. Some cakes have the ability to cheer you up the moment they come out the box. An occasion big or small, these cakes take the excitement of the day to an all new level. We hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Don’t forget to log on to Cake Plaza for exciting and unique cake ideas at affordable prices.

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